'Gotham' recap: 'A Dark Knight: The Fear Reaper'


Fear was running wild on tonight’s episode of Gotham.

Jim and Bullock are arriving to the house where Merton claimed Jonathan Crane would be hiding. They don’t find Crane, but find what looks like a scarecrow in the backyard. It’s actually a terrified Grady who is screaming that “The Scarecrow is coming!”

Jim throws Grady into the holding cell right next to Bruce. He is spending some time behind bars because of his new vigilante night activity. He is disappointed he couldn’t stop the crooks. Jim lets him out and they bump into Lucius Fox. They give Lucius a phony excuse about rock climbing. Lucius clearly isn’t believing this excuse about rock climbing. He still remains one of my favorite characters.

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The Arkham Asylum warden is covering his tracks and burning documents when Jonathan Crane visits him. He explains that he has cured himself, by embracing his fear and becoming The Scarecrow. He then sprays the warden with the fear toxin. This takes us to one intense hallucination about the warden’s fear of clowns. This allows The Scarecrow to visit the inmates of Arkham and wants them to be his army. He then naturally infects them all with his toxin.

Penguin storms into GCPD to continue bashing them and wants to know where Jonathan Crane is. He and Jim argue back and forth about how can protect Gotham. Penguin challenges Jim to catch Crane within 24 hours or admit that he has failed.

We have another shocking twist as Selina and Tabitha both find cards inviting them for an opportunity. They walk inside and find…Barbara Kean! She was presumed dead after being electrocuted. She has a new a hair style and a new business of weapon trading. She knows Penguin is in charge and wants to be the one supplying the weapons. Tabitha refuses to help. Selina seems slightly willing to listen. I want to know how Barbara survived last season’s finale!

Bullock tells Jim that Arkham Asylum is under siege right now. Jim tries to get the GCPD to join him but they refuse (including Bullock). He claims he is trying to keep them together. Jim has to go this solo. Jim visits Arkham to find the inmates loose and the place in shambles. The warden attacks Jim (dressed in clown makeup resembling a very famous Gotham villain) and then he hears Scarecrow over the intercom. He says tonight he will take care of Jim.

Penguin, Victor and Ivy go visit the resurrected Barbara. Penguin is very direct with her, explaining about his licenses and the new way the underworld is working. He also warns him for trying to align with Tabitha and Selina. He threatens to take her out if she tries to go against him. Barbara has a very calm and cold demeanor. It really makes me want to figure out how she survived and how she can afford this new business of hers.   

Jim continues navigating through Arkham. Scarecrow attacks him from behind and asks him about fate. He tells him it is time to embrace his fear. He sprays Jim with the fear toxin. This takes us to one of the most intense scenes of the episode (and the series). Jim is hallucinating about Leslie cutting her wrists in a bathtub. Very intense scene. Jim is able to in the end overcome his fear which puzzles Scarecrow. Jim wants to help Scarecrow but he is able to flee the room.

Bruce didn’t take kindly to Alfred’s scolding about him not being ready. He continues his late night vigilante activities and finds the criminals from the other night. He finds them and confronts then. He stands his ground and is able to fight them off. He is then surprised by one but Alfred steps in and saves the day. Have to love old reliable Alfred. 

Selina is pleading with Tabitha to reconsider Barbara’s offer. She keeps refusing. Ivy finds them and wants in. Tabitha quickly dismisses her. This leads Ivy to visit one of her regular stores that sells potions? (This is Gotham after all). She manipulates the owner into telling her where the most powerful potions are. She chugs them all. Looks like we might see Poison Ivy sooner rather than later. Tabitha and Selina go see Barbara and after some heavy debating, Tabitha reluctantly agrees to trust Barbara…for now.

Scarecrow keeps encouraging the toxin filled inmates to attack Jim. This is working until Jim realizes that water neutralizes the toxin. Jim returns to GCPD after his solo battle and blows off Penguin. Penguin offers pay increase to cops who want to work for him and allow Gotham to police themselves. Bullock stops Jim reminding him this is a war, not a battle. The two later share a drink together where Bullock questions what they are actually doing. Jim then hears him mention Falcone…and that’s it. Jim says they need an army, and Falcone has one.     

Alfred scolding Bruce yet again when Lucius Fox pays them a convenient visit. He provides Bruce a new suit for his “rock climbing.” Everyone needs a friend like Lucius Fox. Bruce then takes the suit out to test it out. He stands on the rooftops of Gotham. The only thing missing from his suit is a cape….

Gotham airs Thursday nights at 8 p.m. only on FOX.



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