‘Gotham’ recap: ‘A Dark Knight: The Blade’s Path’

Tonight’s episode of Gotham starts off with another character that we haven’t seen for some time. Butch has been in a coma for six months since Barbara shot him in the head. He is then dumped out into Slaughter Swamp, which just so happens to have plenty of extra toxic cans from Indian Hill laying around.

Bruce is still dealing with his own feelings of guilt. He blames himself for Alex’s death and is convinced that the Embalmer’s Knife is the only thing capable of killing Ra’s Al Ghul. Alfred warns him of this dark path he is about journey down. Alex’s funeral only fuels Bruce’s obsession. He decides to take matters into his own hands and takes the Embalmer’s Knife. 

Ra’s Al Ghul is in a high security cell inside Blackgate Prison. Barbara goes to visit him and he wants to tell her good-bye. She seems confused, especially when he puts his hand to hers and seems to transmit some energy towards her.

We are back to Slaughter Swamp and we see Butch rise out of the swamp completely transformed. He stumbles across a camp site and attacks and kills most of the campers. He overhears a record that was playing the ‘Solomon Grundy’ rhyme and he determines that this is his name.    

Penguin is unhappy that only 86 percent of crime in the city is happening underneath his licensing. He gets another visit from Sofia Falcone who wants to take him to a public lunch to show the united front between Penguin and the Falcone name.

Alfred storms into GCPD telling Jim that Bruce is missing and probably is heading to Blackgate prison to try and kill Ra’s Al Ghul. Alfred’s hunch was correct as we see Bruce climbing the walls and sneaking into Ra’s cell. He is preparing to kill Ra’s with the Embalmer’s Knife but decides against it. Ra’s wakes up and calls him a coward. He then knocks out Bruce and then Bruce is captured by the guards. It seems obvious now that being caught was part of Ra’s Al Ghul’s plan the whole time.

Edward's rough month continues as he having problems trying to rob a pharmacy to try and get some medicine to help improve his brain function. He runs into Solomon Grundy in the alley and is very confused. Solomon just wants Edward’s help to find out who he is. The irony is perfect here since Edward doesn’t know who he is right now. It seems that these two could actually help each other. 

Jim and Alfred arrive to Blackgate (completely unaware that Ra’s Al Ghul’s men are pretending to be guards). Bruce wakes up in the basement with Ra’s telling him about planning this entire situation. Ra’s tells Bruce about the first time he held the Embalmer’s Knife and how he knows Bruce is his heir and begs Bruce to end his suffering and “set him free.”

Sofia visits a familiar restaurant before she is having her lunch with Penguin. Penguin hesitantly arrives for lunch and wants to be brief but when he tries a recipe that strongly resembles what his mother used to make, it spooks him out and he storms off. Sofia isn’t sure what exactly is getting to Penguin. She goes to visit him and comforts him. She seems to bring him some kind of peace that he hasn’t felt since his mother passed away.

Jim and Alfred being the detectives they are quickly figure out that these aren’t really the guards at Blackgate. They quickly dispose of them and search for the basement to find Bruce. Ra’s continues to beg Bruce to kill him with the Embalmer’s Knife so his suffering will end. He continues to taunt and torment Bruce until he finally stabs Ra’s through the chest. Ra’s body slowly turns to a skeleton right as Jim and Alfred storm in.

Jim tries to convince Bruce that he is still a good person and not to forget who he is. Bruce is preparing to burn his vigilante suit when Alfred stops him. Alfred tells him that even though he has started down this dark path, he can recover from this. He says when Bruce figures this out that he and this suit will be here waiting for him. 

Edward and Solomon’s new friendship is looking to become a profitable one, at least for one of them. Edward takes Solomon to an underground fighting arena where Edward wants to put Solomon in some fights. The fighters are in bad shape after the fights and we see that they have a resident doctor in the house. She is someone we are very familiar with. Dr. Leslie Thompkins is still in Gotham. It really seems like nobody ever leaves Gotham these days…

Gotham airs Thursday nights at 8 p.m. only on FOX.



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