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'Gotham' Recap: 'A Dark Knight: They Who Hide Behind Masks'


We get a history lesson to begin tonight’s episode starting back in Arabia 125 A.D. We discover how Ra’s Al Ghul got his power and how he returned from the dead. He was placed in The Lazarus Pit. Ra’s goal is to find a successful heir.

Bruce is continuing his late night vigilante activities thanks to his new suit courtesy of Mr. Fox. Bruce has a feeling that something big is happening and that The Penguin is involved. He tries to investigate but is cut off by his men. Selina is also trying to investigate in the shadows but is also quickly cut off. As a Batman fan it is cool to see Selina and Bruce developing their detective skills.

Jim Gordon takes a trip down south to Miami to visit Carmine Falcone. Falcone is shocked to see Jim and tells Jim he won’t return to Gotham. He is dying and wants to enjoy his remaining time down there. Jim also meets his only daughter Sofia Falcone. She offers to go back. Falcone refuses. I have a feeling we will be seeing more of her. 

Alfred continues to mentor Bruce during this learning period. He tells Bruce that they should try investigating during the day time. Bruce tries to improvise and sneak onto the ship to search for the manifest of the ship. He is able to find something that reads about an Embalmer’s Knife. He is confronted but quickly bailed out by his trusty butler. It’s always a pleasure watching Alfred continue to mentor and help Bruce develop into the man he will become.

Barbara’s business continues to grow and she wants Selina’s help to acquire this Embalmer’s Knife that everyone is talking about. Barbara wants to buy the knife but Penguin refuses and tells her to come to the auction tonight if she wants it. Penguin has the knife and wants to know why it’s so special. He is also mortified to return to The Iceberg Lounge and find out that someone has thawed Edward Nygma and helped him escape.   

Edward wakes up and finds out that his savior is Myrtle Jenkins, a former elementary school classmate of his that also happened to be obsessed and in love with him. She tells him he was frozen for five months. She wants to help him recover. She has done some needle therapy with him and goes over basic riddles with him to try and sharpen his mind. It almost looks like maybe Edward has lost his touch? Is something wrong with his brain?

The Knife of Embalmer is the hot ticket item in Gotham right now. Bruce immediately discovers that Ra’s al Ghul is the one who is seeking out this knife. Jim is preparing to return to Gotham when he is greeted by Sofia. She talks about her troubled relationship with her father and she doesn’t blame Jim for anything that happened to him. You can already tell she has some feelings for Mr. Gordon.

Auction night is looming while Edward is still trying to rediscover himself. Myrtle continues to try and help Edward. She tells him it took her months to plan breaking him out. He is speechless and continues to become frustrated. He is eventually fed up and knocks her out and bails.    

Jim and Sofia take a walk on the beach and talk about why he cant the work he does. “I can’t remember the last time I just stood still,” Jim says as they stare at the water before sharing a kiss.

Bruce and Alfred head to the auction to buy the Embalmer’s Knife. Alfred is teaching Bruce that in order to be a vigilante he must assume many different roles. The role he embraces during the auction is that of a billionaire brat. He has fun buying items and toying with Barbara Kean and eventually outbidding her and winning the Embalmer’s Knife. Penguin congratulations him and warns him that she will be coming for the knife.

Selina sneaks into Wayne Manor and finds Bruce sitting in the dark. He knows she is working for Barbara and he won’t give her the knife. Penguin and Victor find Myrtle as she confesses to helping Edward escape. Penguin wants him found. They kill Myrtle as we see Edward is aimlessly wandering down the street.   

Jim returns to GCPD to find a new detective with Bullock. He also notices that Sofia Falcone followed him to Gotham. She came to help Jim and thinks she is ready. She also tells him that Jim found a gangster…just not the one he was expecting.

Barbara is visited by her new client/lover….Ra’s Al Ghul. He is not upset, but interested that Bruce Wayne bought the knife. We also find out that Ra’s saved Barbara by putting her in The Lazarus Pit. He tells her that the Embalmer’s Knife is the key to everything. The two then share a passionate kiss…

Gotham airs Thursday nights at 8 p.m. only on FOX.



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