‘Gotham’ recap: ‘A Dark Knight: Hog Day Afternoon’

Tonight’s episode of Gotham begins in the fighting arena where Dr. Leslie Thompkins is reunited with Edward and the newly arrived Solomon Grundy. He explains to Leslie his problems and wants her help. She is shocked to see what happened to Butch and refuses to help Edward.

Sofia Falcone is meeting with Penguin and hoping that he completely trusts her. He tells her how hard it is to have a good friend that he can trust. Penguin leaves right as Jim arrives. He wants to know what Sofia’s plan is. She deflects and tells him that in a few days she will own Penguin. Sofia Falcone following in her father’s footsteps. I’m curious to see more of her overall plan become apparent.

A rainy night and sketchy cops always means trouble in Gotham. In classic horror movie fashion one of the cops wanders down the alley to investigate a strange noise. He thinks its just a cat but is surprised by a man wearing a pig mask. He stabs him. The next morning Jim and Bullock visit the crime scene and find the dead officer wearing the pig mask. They discover that he is one of Penguin’s bagmen, who delivers Penguin’s payoffs to the dirty cops. Jim feels it is time for a visit to his old buddy Penguin.

Jim barges in on Penguin before his lunch with Sofia. He thinks someone is sending Penguin a message. Penguin doesn’t seem to care and gives him some information that could help involving a butcher. “I’m rooting for you Jim!” he yells as Jim leaves. They bring in a butcher named Wally for interrogation. He declines that he did this. He says he delivered four pig heads to someone named the professor. It seems that more murders are coming. Penguin is also very upset that Sofia cancelled their lunch at the last minute. He enlists his trusty hitman Victor to find out why she cancelled.

We return to the underground boxing ring where Solomon Grundy dominates his first fight against ‘The Hammer.’ Leslie watches and her new boss Cherry (the owner of this underground fight club) tells her to fix up Grundy. She tends to Grundy and is shocked to find that he has no heartbeat and isn’t bleeding. She tries to warn him about Edward but Edward comes in and yet again asks Leslie to help him. She still refuses and gets into an argument with Cherry before she leaves. Edward follows her and finds out that she is running her own private clinic.

Jim and Bullock continue to investigate about the bagman cops for Penguin. They finally get two more names. They go to the courthouse and try to catch up with one of the cops when they hear screams. They rush over and see two dead officers, both with pig heads. Jim thinks the message is clear…this professor is taking out cops who are working for Penguin. They get a lead about a plumbing van that was near the spot where the two cops were found. 

Victor is doing some casual spying on Sofia. He reports back to Penguin and tells him that she cancelled their lunch because she was meeting with the mayor and went to visit the old heritage hotel. Penguin is furious. She is meeting with politicians. He thinks she is preparing for a war. He tells Victor it is time that they take action.

Jim brings Bullock a list of the cops they haven’t heard from. Bullock tells Jim something feels off about this. He thinks maybe this could be somebody on the force. They go to investigate the plumbing van. They find the fourth bagman still alive with a pig mask on. Jim takes the mask off him but finds that it is attached to a grenade inside his stomach. An explosion sends Jim and Bullock flying back.

Solomon Grundy is the new champion. He can’t be beat. Edward once again approaches Leslie and demands her help. He knows about her clinic. His mind is still off and it seems that maybe Leslie will reconsider. She is running out of supplies at her clinic. She goes to see Edward at the bar and agrees to help him. She explains that she came back to Gotham to help the people of The Narrows. They were hit the worst from the Tetch virus. Edward is elated to know that he is going to be smart once again.     

Jim wakes up tied to a chair. He meets ‘The Professor.’ Bullock is still alive and The Professor claims that he and Jim have the same mission. They want to end the corruption inside the GCPD. He talks about the profound loss he has suffered and he wants to take out every cop on Penguin’s payroll. He leaves to go finish off Bullock. Jim is able to escape and burst in and see Bullock hanging with The Professor holding a knife to his throat. The Professor quickly cuts Bullock’s throat then runs off. Jim rushes to his side and tells him to hold on as help is coming.

Penguin surprises Sofia at her home. He demands to know where she is going. He is shocked when she takes him to the old heritage hotel. Sofia has transformed it into an orphanage. Penguin looks stunned and asks Sofia for forgiveness. She says she has already forgiven him. I still really want to know what Sofia is up to.

Bullock is recovering in the hospital. Jim is glad he is ok but wants the truth. He wants to know if Bullock is on Penguin’s payroll. Bullock admits that since the licensing system began, the commissioner made them all comply. Jim tells him that is going to stop right now. Jim walks out of the room and sees the TV talking about this ‘Professor Pig’ that is on the loose.

We find Professor Pig wandering around a pigpen. It appears he is bonding with the pigs and the ominous sign is that his work is not over just yet…



Gotham airs Thursday nights at 8 p.m. only on FOX.




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