Harvey Weinstein: Some of the brave women coming forward with allegations

Harvey Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein is a bad man. This much is certain. Throughout the past month, over fifty women have come forward with sexual assault allegations against Weinstein. He’s recently been fired from his company and is undergoing rehab for his behavior, but the reports have been so shocking and detailed that the whole ordeal can be hard to take in.

Harvey Weinstein
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In these times, it’s easy to try and turn our heads in the other direction. While Weinstein is responsible for such a large number of offenses, he’s just one cog in the machine — men have been committing sexual assault both in and out of Hollywood for decades and decades and decades. The news can be seen as depressing and unpleasant, making us want to ignore it and think of happier thoughts rather than actually confront the reality of it all.

That is also the irresponsible thing to do. The victims, now more than ever, need our support. In the face of such evil, they have chosen to courageously come forward with everything to lose. Don't let it all be for nothing. Don't pretend like nothing is wrong.

So, we’ve put together the statements and experiences of twenty women that have worked with Harvey Weinstein in the past who have come forward with allegations against him. Some of them you may recognize, and some of them you may not. That’s not what matters. The important thing is to stand by and support them now, to recognize their bravery and work to end the problems and misconduct that have been woven into Hollywood for far too long. 

Here are what women are saying:

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