Indiana-based artist Eric Pedigo creates sun-soaked and mesmerizing tunes on album, 'Sun & Shade'

'Sun & Shade' Album Cover, Eric Pedigo

Indiana singer-songwriter Eric Pedigo hopes to spark inspiration with his music.

His latest, Sun & Shade, does precisely that with its sunny and shining sound that reliably channels a bit of tropical twist with its ukulele-driven tracks.

The album opens up with “Warm-up (Intro)” that starts out with Pedigo warming up as he hums a catchy tune accompanied by some simple beats and the acoustic guitar.  The really sparse arrangements continue on for the rest of the track.

“Purposefully Forgetful” unfolds with the sounds of the ukulele.  This great tropical vibe has a thrilling island flavor.  Next the acoustic guitar sidles in with the drums keeping an even pace with the driving beat, and the energized playing of the keys, altogether incorporating some melodic tunes into the overall catchy vibe.

“In Love With A Stranger” ties in some groovy sounds with melodic keys and a dreamy cadence coming from the soothing, relaxing vibe from the stellar music.  This track is a great wash of groovy and flowy tunes, a cool blend of jazzy and some R&B vibes.

“Knock Me Down” has an intriguing pop sound filled with some upbeat island flavors.  This great tropical sounds definitely has a relaxing feel to it and with this free-spirited, placating vibe, listeners will get a refreshing take on the invigorating music.  The dynamic strumming on the ukulele could be heard playing throughout the gamut of the track.  This sun-soaked inspirational song is about staying on your feet even though you might be knocked down a couple times.

On “Forbidden Love,” one can hear the sounds of the ukulele underlining the track.  About a love that set’s the narrator’s soul on fire, the great warm sound coming from this song has steady rhythms of pop/rock and a folksy feel to the track.

“My Oh My” is a graceful ballad that contains the sounds of the acoustic guitar accompanied alone with the drums and the sole cadences of Pedigo’s vocals.  About keeping their love strong even through the storm, the striking sounds on this track offer up a great rock appeal.

“Where I Belong” starts off start off with some strumming and numerating over the strings on the acoustic guitar.  This sole instrument accompanies Pedigo’s vocals, here, on this dynamic acoustic track.  About searching for and finding a place where you can belong, the catchy sounds coming from the energetic keys really resounds, here.

“Don’t Keep Me Waiting (Live Studio)” is a taste of Pedigo’s live performances in this live studio recording.  This track really showcases his lively playing on the acoustic guitar.  His vocals, here, are hazy but keeps up with the dynamic music playing in the background.

The album ends with the clincher, “Moonlight of Love,” that covers some dramatic piano keys being played that really offsets a sense of urgency to the song.  The sounds of the accordion could also be heard in the beginning of the track on this slow-burning ballad that is as equally irresistible as the rest of album.  The accordion accompanies the piano keys on the refrain, and Sun & Shade ends on that dramatic note.

Listeners will definitely be sold by the palette of colors and emotions painted on this album.  Pedigo really harnesses his sound and style on this new recording, bestowing on to audiences an array of aesthetically pleasing songs that will be sure to astound with their brilliant and enticing rock, folk, and pop sensibilities.

The steady pulse of the album is populated by the warm sounds coming from the ukulele, keys, arrangements of acoustic and electric guitars, and drums.  The ukulele really adds a flavorful touch to the majority of the songs on Sun & Shade.  Dressing these tracks with traces of its bright and shining sound, these sun-drenched compositions will be sure to make your day.

Eric Pedigo proves on this brand new album that he has the chops to make timeless music, adding a definitive spark or a splash of color to what is already currently circulating out there.

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