Jake Paul is fighting zombies in YouTube Red's 'Fight of the Living Dead'

Jake Paul

Say hello to the new PewDiePie.

It was only a few months ago when YouTube Red star PewDiePie fell out of good standings with the online community, having been accused of racism. This lead to YouTube Red canceling his horror series Scare PewDiePie. It might be awhile before we see him attempt a return, but luckily for YouTube Red they’ve found a new star — Jake Paul.

Jake Paul began his career acting on a Disney show called Bizaardvark, but has since broken out onto Vine and then YouTube. Currently his account has over 11 million subscribers, and he’s known for his rebellious stunts and pranks.

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Now, YouTube Red has picked him up for their streaming service and has cast him, along with comedian Juanpa Zurita, in the next season of their zombie-survival series Fight of the Living Dead: Paradise Calls. (Get it? It’s like Romero’s Night of the Living Dead only this time their fighting against each other? We got you YouTube Red.)

Fight of the Living Dead is a popular series where 10 Youtube Stars have to try and survive in the zombie apocalypse for 72 hours. They have to compete in different missions and challenges by working together — until, more than likely, they all end up backstabbing on another. There’s only one rule — don’t get bit.

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Paradise Calls will be the third excursion into the apocalypse, this time said to be set in an “even more epic location” via Variety.

This season will also star original content creators Hannah Stocking, Wengie, Anwar Jibawi, Karina Garcia, Eric Ochoa, Anthony Trujillo, Miles Jai, De’arra Taylor and Ken Walker. It will be released exclusively to YouTube Red — which has a $10 per month subscription fee — on Oct. 31 of this year.

Watch the trailer for Paradise Calls below, check out Jake Paul’s YouTube page here and stay tuned to us for PewDiePie doing, well, whatever it is PewDiePie does these days.

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