Jake Paul takes on YouTuber RiceGum and catches up with his hot ex-girlfriend


YouTube superstar actor Jake Paul usually doesn’t take on fellow YouTubers, but when Bryan Le, a.k.a. RiceGum  made tasteless jokes about suicide and body shaming, Paul used his platform to make a statement and condemn these actions.  Paul called Le a "terrible, terrible, terrible, human being."

Paul called Le out for making jokes about suicide and for making fun of people based on their physical attributes.  Paul stood up for people who get bullied and told them how wrong they are by bringing this kind of negativity in the world.

After Paul spoke about the good things his fans, known as Jake Paulers, have done for the world and explained his dossier of impressive accomplishments, he took a sweet-natured trip down memory lane with his ex-girlfriend, Freakish actress Saxon Sharbino.

The two were together for a while when he was 17 years old and first moved to Los Angeles.  Their times together sounded very cute.  He taught her to drive.  She helped him with his acting.  Sharbino said he was her first boyfriend.  She was his second.  Their break up was anticlimactic and happened via text.

They went on some cool dates, including a first date at VidCon and going cliff diving.  They also met each others families and exchanged niceties. And even though they broke up long ago, they have always remained friendly and kept in touch.

Sharbino believed that Jake Paul was always going to be successful.

“Do you remember how you had a calendar…and you wrote all of your goals on it. I remember looking at it like, ‘these are insane but I think he’ll do it!’ And I think you did do it,” said Sharbino in the video.

They teased each other with an easy energy of old friends with a shared history.

Wonder if they will have another chapter?

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