'Legends of Tomorrow' Premiere recap: 'Aruba-Con'

Legends of Tomorrow, Aruba-Con

On the season 3 premiere of Legends of Tomorrow, the Legends come together again in order to stop Julius Caesar from conquering the world.

Last season of Legends of Tomorrow ended with the team completely messing up the timeline as dinosaurs walk around Los Angeles.

“Aruba-Con” begins immediately after the end of last season of Legends of Tomorrow. The group argues about who broke time, with most of the blame put on Sara. A dinosaur lumbers towards them, but it disappears right before Rip appears. He tells them his team is taking care of everything displaced throughout time, called anachronisms. The group is confused. For them, Rip was only gone fifteen minutes, but for Rip, it has been five years. During that time Rip created the Time Bureau. Now that they exist, he says the Legends are no longer needed and disbands the group.

The show fast forwards six months later as the group tries to adjust to their new lives. Sara is working for a horrible boss at a retail store in Star City. She fantasizes about killing him, but attempts to stay polite. Ray works in Silicon Valley at a dating app company. He tries to talk to his boss about a shrinking project he is working on, but his boss dismisses his work as unimportant. Nate is in Central City, working with Wally aka Kid Flash. He and Amaya broke up and he is trying to date.

Meanwhile, Rory is relaxing in Aruba when Julius Caesar appears. He calls Sara, telling her that he has Julius Caesar tied up in his home. Sara tells him to hold on and she will be there soon.

Legends of Tomorrow, Aruba-Con
Photo: Robert Falconer/The CW -- © 2017 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Unfortunately for Sara, her boss sees her on her phone and he berates her for talking a personal call. She throws a knife towards him, knocks items off a shelf and tells him she quits.

Sara and Ray go to Central City to see Nate and are surprised to learn he and Amaya are no longer together. The two tell him about Caesar and Sara says it is a chance for them to prove to Rip the Legends are still needed. The three of them talk about their jobs and realize at the same time that none of them are enjoying their new lives.

Legends of Tomorrow, Aruba-Con
Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW --© 2017 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

They go to the Time Bureau headquarters in Star City with a pass Sara stole off an employee. When they get upstairs, the agents force them surrender. Rip appears and Nate attacks him, saying he made Amaya go back to 1942. Rip says Amaya wanted to go back to Zambezi. Nate lets him go and the tense mood is lifted.

The Legends tell Rip and his agents about Caesar. Agent Ava Sharpe does not believe them, but Rip sends a team. Rip then gives the group a tour of the headquarters. They see King Arthur, and Rip mind wipes him with a device, saying he will not remember anything. The group tries to talk Rip into letting them take the Waverider and go pick up Caesar. Instead, Rip takes them to the Waverider so they can see its new purpose as a simulator for training agents. A teacher comes in and is annoyed to see the Legends, who he deems as unprofessional.

In Aruba, Rory eats a Caesar salad, saying it sucks. Caesar tells him a story about being kidnapped and later killing the kidnappers. He tells Rory he has gold in his bag, and Rory bends to look. Caesar attacks him and when the two fight, Caesar is able to get free. The Time Bureau gets Rory’s location and sends their agents. Unfortunately, there is a party going on and a person dressed as Caesar is apprehended. The agents bring the man and Rory back and realize they have the wrong person. Rip believes Rory messed up and kicks the Legends out. Before they go, Sara talks to Rip and he makes it clear the Legends are not getting another chance.

Legends of Tomorrow, Aruba-Con
Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW --© 2017 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

On the way out, Rory tries to get a drink from a machine, using one of the gold coins he got from Caesar. Nate looks at the coin and says it is real. The group is surprised and Rory tells them he did see the real Caesar. They agree to go get Caesar and show Rip they are needed. Sara leads them to the Waverider. Rory scares the agents aboard and the group gets Gideon running before they time jump out of the building. Gideon can only jump 3 minutes into the future as the ship needs fixed. Nate tells them to go to Central City, as he knows a mechanic.

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In Central City, Jax stops by Stein’s house to let him know he dropped out of school. He misses the fun of engineering on the Waverider. Stein’s daughter Lily emerges, very pregnant. Jax congratulates her and the two hug. She invites him to stay for dinner and goes back inside. The Waverider appears and Jax’s face lights up.

The group convinces Stein to join them in finding Caesar and the team heads to Aruba. They quickly find Caesar trying to recruit the party goers to his army. They cannot use their powers in front of so many people, so Ray uses the dating app to send a match to all the men so they will be distracted. Sara easily takes down Caesar, then Rory picks him up and the group leaves the beach.

Legends of Tomorrow, Aruba-Con
Photo: Robert Falconer/The CW -- © 2017 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Back on the Waverider the team tries to decide what to do when Rip calls. He tells them to bring the Waverider and Caesar back and they will be forgiven. The group looks at Sara, and she tells them they are taking Caesar back to the Time Bureau. Jax works on getting the Waverider ready for a time jump while he and Stein discuss the future. Jax wants to continue to be a superhero, but he cannot do it without Stein.

Sara visits Caesar in his cell. Caesar talks to her about his life and confidence. He tries to tempt Sara into being his partner, but she declines. Jax arrives and tells her the ship is ready. She asks if it can take them to Ancient Rome.

They arrive in Ancient Rome and Nate tells Caesar what happens to him before they wipe his memory. Unfortunately for the team, Caesar sees Nate looking at a history book and lifts it from him without his knowledge. Sara and Nate are surprised when Gideon says history has changed. Nate realizes Caesar stole his history book. Caesar has looked through the book, and tells his general they are headed for Rome, but he needs to visit his old friends first.

While the Legends argue about what to do, Rip and his agents arrive. Sara tells him they can handle it as they have field experience, but Rip disagrees. The agents go to retrieve the book, but no one is in the tent. Sara realizes it is a trap. The agents go outside and are surrounded by soldiers. Two of the agents get away, but Agent Sharpe is captured by Caesar. The team is able to persuade Rip that are the most qualified to rescue Agent Sharpe.

The group splits up. Ray and Nate go to get the book, while the rest go to attack Caesar and rescue Sharpe. Sara frees Sharpe and she helps the Legends fight the troops, later telling them they are still terrible. Rory knocks Caesar out and the Time Bureau agents wipe the soldiers memories.

Sara tells Rip they are continuing as a team even if the Time Bureau disagrees. He and Agent Sharpe leave the Waverider after he tells them to not get into trouble. The two have an argument about the Legends. He says the group might help with what is to come.

Rory shows Sara the tech he lifted off of the agents and says he is staying with the Legends. Stein also decides to stay, telling Jax they are all part of his family. Ray checks on Nate. The two talk about Amaya and hope she is happy. Meanwhile, Amaya is using her powers to protect Zambezi.

I enjoyed this episode. Legends of Tomorrow blends comedy and action well. It is such a fun show, which is unusual for superhero shows as they are often over dramatized and dark. I loved the action scenes. Caity Lotz was fantastic, as usual. The episode was a little silly at times, like Nate not noticing his book was gone immediately. Overall it is an entertaining beginning to the newest season.

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Check out the preview for the next episode “Freakshow” below.

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