'Legends of Tomorrow' recap: 'Zari'

Legends of Tomorrow, Zari

On the newest episode of Legends of Tomorrow, the team tries to catch a time traveler and protect a criminal named Zari.

On last week’s episode of Legend of Tomorrow, the Legends traveled back to 1870 to fix an anachronism at a circus. Agent Sharpe was ready to arrest them, but they fixed everything. Also, Amaya and Nate talked about what happened in their relationship, and Amaya told the team about the issues with her powers.

“Zari” begins in 2042 in Seattle. Two men are transporting a female prisoner somewhere when Kuasa, the woman who appeared at the end of the last episode, appears. She uses her water ability to get inside the vehicle and attack the two men. When she gets to the back of the vehicle, the prisoner is gone. Kuasa walks away and we see Gary the Time Agent recording her on his phone. He looks horrified and calls for help.

On the Waverider, Nate tries to talk to Stein about Amaya, who replies Nate should speak to Amaya instead. The two look up and see Amaya on the ceiling, dreaming that she is a spider. Despite Stein’s protests, Nate calls to Amaya and she wakes and falls to the table below. While Stein is amazed that she called the animal spirit in her sleep, Amaya is worried. Stein offers to try and help with science.

Sara listens to Gary’s plea and tells Jax and Rory. Neither are interested in helping out Gary, but Sara reminds them their job is helping people. The team arrives in 2042 and notices something is off about the city. Rory and Sara realize it is a police state and they see an ARGUS military vehicle. They quickly find Gary and threaten him until he tells them about his mission. He says the Time Bureau has intell of a rogue time traveler so he was sent to make an arrest, but the traveler is a dangerous metahuman.

Gary shows them the video he took. They notice Kuasa was there for the prisoner. Gary says his job was to stop her from killing the prisoner, and the team decides to help. With Gideon’s assistance, the Legends learn the prisoner's name is Zari Tomaz and learn where she went.

The Legends find Zari, who warns them ARGUS is coming. ARGUS wants to arrest them for violating the Metahuman act of 2021. Zari escapes before the ARGUS agents arrive and the team fights the agents. After they win, they head back to the Waverider. Unbenounced to them, Kuasa is watching.

Back on the Waverider, Stein is unable to find anything physically wrong with Amaya. Nate comes in and questions Stein and both of them ignore Amaya’s protests that her issue is mystical. Nate suggests she go back in time and meet with one of her ancestors to ask questions, but Amaya is reluctant.

The team talks on the bridge and Jax reads off Zari’s criminal record. One of Zari’s crimes includes being a Muslim, as religion is illegal in 2042. Sara questions Rory about where a criminal goes to hide and he takes them to a bar. Rory finds Kari at the bar and tells her Sara wants to help keep her safe from Kuasa. She seems skeptical, but then Kuasa appears. The group tries to outrun Kuasa, but she turns to water and cuts off their exit. Sara attacks Kuasa and tells the group to go to the Waverider. Kuasa throws Sara over the bar and Sara tells Rory to create a diversion so they can escape, so he starts a bar fight.

They bring Zari to the ship and ask why Kuasa is hunting her down. Zari claims not to know, but says there are various reasons people want her dead. Gary enters, angry that they allowed her on the ship and blurts out that they are time travelers. Zari asks why the world is so terrible if they have saved it before. She connects the dots, deducing they want to use her as bait to capture Kuasa. She agrees, but only if the Legends help her rescue her brother from ARGUS. Rory says he is up for a prison break. Gary protests, but Sara agrees with Zari’s terms.

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Nate tells Amaya about a root used to go on vision quests, which Amaya knows about. He and Gideon made some and he already took it to make sure it is safe. Amaya takes it and the two of them sit and focus on their breathing.

The rest of the team and Zari go to the ARGUS facility to save Zari’s brother. Ray and Jax go to the control room while the others get information about his location. Jax sees video of ARGUS experimenting on the prisoners and realizes they are all metahumans. Jax opens all the cells and all the metahumans run. Zari sneaks away and gets an amulet from storage. The group realizes she lied and her brother is not locked up. She tells them the amulet belonged to her brother and when she touches the amulet, it glows.

Legends of Tomorrow, Zari
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On the ship, Amaya’s totem glows at the same time. She and Nate wonder what is going on, but when the glowing stops, Amaya is in a trance. Meanwhile the team loose Zari because of all the freed prisoners and the ARGUS agents. They call Nate and ask him to bring the ship. In his drug induced state, Nate has trouble. The Legends catch up to Zari in time to see her use the amulet. Ray flies after her and the Jax tells Gideon to go on autopilot once they realize something is wrong with Nate.

Back on the Waverider, Gary worries about the Legends messing the timeline up. Sara agrees with Gary, but Jax says they cannot put Zari back into ARGUS hands. He reminds Sara someone is after Zari and they might act the same way in her shoes. Nate interrupts and they realize he is high. Jax takes Nate to his room and Sara goes to check on Amaya, who Stein took to medical.

Amaya’s vision takes her to a forest that her ancestor calls “a world between worlds.” The ancestor says the power is getting stronger because she will face bigger threats. She says Amaya must trust in her power. She also mentions a girl Amaya must find and protect.

Legends of Tomorrow, Zari
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Meanwhile, Zari sits in a destroyed village that was supposed to be a safe place for her family. She shares her story with Ray, saying her brother used the amulet to fight ARGUS, but the group killed him and took the amulet. Ray tries to comfort her, but Zari is worried all her family is dead. Kuasa arrives and Ray calls Sara for backup. Unfortunately for the Legends, a Time Bureau ship appears.

Legends of Tomorrow
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Gary admits to calling them and transports away. Agent Sharpe calls and she and Sara have words. Sara claims they do not need backup, right before Ray calls in again asking for backup. Sharpe demands Ray’s location so she can save him and take Zari. Jax and Stein stand behind Sara giving their input, Jax saying no and Stein saying yes. Sharpe fires a warning shot at the Waverider and threatens the Legends. Sara claims she is sending the location. She instead flies the Waverider away from the Time Bureau.

Kuasa tries to drown Ray, but Zari stops her by asking if the amulet is what she wants. Kuasa offers Zari revenge on ARGUS for the amulet. Zari rejects her offer, grabs Ray, and runs.

Legends of Tomorrow
Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW -- © 2017 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Meanwhile, the Waverider takes damage from the Time Bureau's attacks. Sara sends Jax, Amaya and Rory to help Zari and Ray. Sara calls Sharpe and tells her the Legends cannot let the Bureau take Zari. The two ships are on a collision course with each other and Sharpe changes course at the last second.

Back on the ground, backup arrives to help Zari and Ray. Amaya attacks Kuasa and knocks her down. Kuasa mentions killing Amaya, but says she would die too, so she transports away.

Sharpe calls and tells Sara the Legends will be sent to the beginning of time when she sees them again. Amaya sees Nate and thanks him for his help. Amaya says she has a connection with Zari and will stay with the team. She goes to find Zari when Nate says Zari is going back to 2042.

Rory takes Zari home, but Amaya arrives and tells her they are connected because of their totems. She wants Zari to come with them, and Zari agrees.

The episode ends in 1988. A young boy is being followed by a group of bullies. He hides in a pipe and sees a creature. He introduces himself as Ray Palmer.

This show is so fun. Legends of Tomorrow captures the humor and entertainment of comics so well. The story lines are not always perfect, but the characters always make me laugh. So far I like Zari and hope she will be a great addition to the team. Nate’s high adventure was a bit silly, but ultimately entertaining. The show keeps making little references to the actors past roles, last week was Titanic and this week Prison Break, which is great. I liked this better than last week and am looking forward to the next episode “Phone Home.”

Catch new episodes of Legends of Tomorrow Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. on The CW.

Check out the trailer for the next episode below.

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