Nell Hudson gives update on 'Outlander' and 'Victoria' in our exclusive interview [SPOILER ALERTS]

Nell Hudson

Each week, Oultander fans are on pins and needles waiting to see what is going on with time-crossed lovers Claire and Jamie.  Showrunner Ron Moore often deviates from the books, with the cooperation of Diana Galbadon.  If things are still on the same track though as the books, there is one important person we have not seen or heard about yet: Laogharie.

Nell Hudson reconnected with us to tell us more.

For those who haven’t read the books, we’re not going to fully spoil anything, because what fun would that be? But, even for those who are up to speed in the books, there will likely be some surprises ahead.  Remember what they did with Murtagh?  That was very different than the books; much to our relief.

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However, suffice it to report that we don’t know how, or exactly when, but our favorite jilted, pseudo ex will be back in one way or another and it will likely be very soon.

Last spring, Nell Hudson spoke with Michelle Tompkins about playing Laoghaire, what the cast of Outlander is like, what was going on with Victoria and also shared some fun personal stories and more.  Well, she was kind enough to circle back and give us a few updates on what’s going on with her now.

Here’s an exclusive follow-up interview from with Nell Hudson. 

Nell Hudson
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Michelle Tompkins:  Hi Nell, it is great to be able to catch up with you again. What have you been up to the last few months?

Nell Hudson:  Hi! Well, we finished making the second series of Victoria, then I went to Italy and ate pasta for a week, and now I’m filming a new job for the BBC and Amazon.

MT:  That’s exciting news!  The show deviated from the books when it came to Murtagh, I’m wondering how close they followed the Laoghaire storyline?

NH:  The show has been mostly faithful to Laoghaire’s storyline. However, fans of the books will know that Laoghaire doesn’t appear in the second book, but I got written in to the second series of the show because I think we wanted to keep her presence felt consistently. It also presented a very tasty new subplot that ended up working perfectly.

MT:  Is there anything you can tell us about what’s going on with her these days?

NH:  It’s been rough! About 15 years have passed since we last saw Laoghaire and a lot has gone down. Time hasn’t necessarily been kind to her…

MT:  Everyone seems to have such a good time filming the show, can you please share one of your favorite anecdotes?

NH:  Without giving anything away, I have to hold a gun at a particular moment in Series 3. The gun I was using was so heavy and I have pitifully weak arms, so during filming my arm was literally shaking trying to hold it up, and it just became so distracting we kept cracking up.

MT:  What do we have to look forward to for season two of Victoria?

NH:  I think this Season is more epic, in terms of scale but also emotional truth. Victoria has gone from girl to woman and as such her world has expanded. My character has matured a lot, too. She’s been promoted, and we find her putting all her efforts, as well as burying her recent heartbreak, into her work.

If you didn’t catch the first series you can slip into this one comfortably: it’s got all the romance, upstairs-downstairs shenanigans, historical storylines and regal lavishness….

MT:  How do you like wearing those period costumes?

NH:  They’re great for developing character but they are not comfortable in the slightest. It’s a wee taste of the historic repression of women.

MT:  Are there any new projects that you are working on?

NH:  Yep! I’m currently shooting a new drama for the BBC and Amazon called The Informer. It’s a bit like Scorcese’s The Departed but set on a council estate in East London. I play an art school student who’s trying to rebel from her middle-class upbringing. When I first read the script I told my agent it was one of the best things I’d read in a long time. It’s very exciting to work on something current and topical, and get out of a corset for a while!

MT:  Have you traveled to any interesting places since last time we connected?

NH:  When did we last connect? Time flies! I spent New Year's Eve in Iceland - we were in an outdoor hot tub surrounded by snow when it turned midnight, and when I looked up, the sky was ablaze with the northern lights. That was very magical.

MT:  I forgot to ask last time, do you have any pets?

NH:  I want a dog so badly, but I don’t think it’d be fair as I travel so much with work.

MT:  Last time you mentioned that you loved going to the cinema.  What are some of your favorite movies and TV shows?

NH:  This year I loved Get Out, God’s Own Country — which stars my very old childhood friend Josh O’Connor — It, and a Palestinian/Israeli film called In Between about being a young woman in the Middle East. TV is just getting better than ever isn’t it? I think Transparent is transcendent, Big Little Lies was pure genius and Mindhunter was brilliant – even though I didn’t get a part I auditioned for in it, haha.

MT:  What are your social media handles?

NH:  I’m @nellrosehudson on Twitter and @nell.hudson on Instagram.

MT:  Do you have anything you wish to say to your fans?

NH:  Hello, how are you holding up? Thank you! XXXX

Watch Outlander on Starz on Sunday nights and check out our first interview with Nell Hudson here.

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