Down and Outlaws releases an era-bending track with ‘Common Sense’

Down and Outlaws 'Common Sense'

Down and Outlaws recently released their new single, entitled Common Sense. While not yet widely known, the San Francisco-based quartet has performed at Outside Lands and on Last Call with Carson Daly. Happily, first impressions suggest this band is relatively unconcerned with modern musical conformity. While that may prove to be an initial stumbling block with wider audiences, tracks such as Common Sense are likely to garner positive attention.

Common Sense begins with a catchy yet pared-down guitar rhythm. Electric reverb marks this tune from the start, alluding to what’s coming next. Down and Outlaws grabs this thread by the horns and quickly builds momentum. Within moments, this track graduates from head-nodding to open-highway-driving melodies. Punctuated by electric guitar work, Common Sense will snag rock lover’s attention before words are introduced.

Down and Outlaws maintains momentum

As vocals layer into Common Sense, there is a borderline psychedelic tinge to the singer’s voice. This pleasantly sour bent compliments relatively straightforward, yet driving, drum parts. Lyrics here feel somehow heavier than the rhythm, further accentuating a 70s vibe. This sense is exemplified toward the end, when these gentlemen drop into an almost Doors-esque interlude.

Despite some referential stylistic choices, Down and Outlaws manages to keep Common Sense a modern work. The fusion of eras and styles here creates an interesting sound that maintains listener attention from start to finish. Audiences who are new to this band will look forward to hearing more.

Down and Outlaws releases an era-bending track with ‘Common Sense’
  • Down and Outlaws releases an era-bending track with ‘Common Sense’
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