Pauley Perrette leaving 'NCIS' isn't by force nor is she starting a skin care line

Fans of CBS' long running hit series NCIS were inconsolable on Oct. 5, when beloved Pauley Perrette ,who has played Abby Sciuto for 16 years and 15 seasons, announced that she would be leaving the show at the end of this season.

She quickly turned to social media to dispel and rumors and clarify that she was not leaving to start a skin care line and that there are no bad feelings that led to her impending departure.

Her tweet can be seen below:

Perrette was born in New Orleans and traveled all around the South and some Eastern states before moving to New York City to study criminal justice.  While working as a bartender, she signed with an advertising agency and started booking many commercials.  It wasn't long before she landed the role of Abby.

Perrette, a woman of many talents, is known for her advocacy work especially in the area of anti-stalking.  She is also an author and and an entrepreneur.  She is co-owner of Donna Bell's Bake Shop in NYC, which is named after her late mother, and may very well have the best biscuits in New York, possibly anywhere.

Biscuits & Gravy! Served Wednesdays

What Perrette will do next is as yet unknown.

Now the questions linger as to how Abby will say good bye.  Will she move on to something else or will her end be a bit more final a la death?  The NCIS producers wrote in a statement that they would be giving her "a special send-off."  However, lips are sealed all around as to what constitutes a special send-off.

How do you think Abby will leave NCIS? 

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