Prepare for 'The Flash' season 4 with this season 3 review

The Flash, a superhero with supersonic speed, returns to The CW this fall. Not sure what you remember from season 3? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Check out this season 3 recap of The Flash before season 4 starts.

In the season 3 premiere, “Flash Point,” Barry has been reunited with his parents and living the life he has always wanted. He is also dating Iris West. But soon Barry starts forgetting parts of his old life. He's got Eobard locked in a cell and while he's got the upper hand he is told that there are serious consequences if he continues this life. Not only is he losing his memories, his powers have faded. When disaster strikes, Barry realizes the effects from Flashpoint are much greater than he thought so he must decide if he wants to continue to live in this world as Barry Allen or return to his universe as The Flash.

In “Paradox,” Barry and Team Flash are thrilled to reunite with Earth-2 Wells and Jesse. Jesse has received meta-human powers and is convinced she can protect Earth-2. Wells wants the team to convince her not to use her powers. Meanwhile, Magenta, who has the ability to control metal by creating magnetic fields, is wreaking havoc on Central City.

In “The New Rogues,” Barry is now training Jesse and when a new meta human, Mirror Master, appears on the scene he lets her tag along. Mirror Master has joined forces with with Top, and is looking for Snart to settle unfinished business. Jesse is quick to join the chase, but defies one of Barry’s orders which results in disastrous consequences. Barry gets captured inside glass. In order to free him, Caitlin secretly used her “Killer Frost” powers to freeze the glass which allowed him to escape.

Later, Caitlin visits her mom, Dr. Tannhauser, a famous biomedical specialist, in hopes that her mom can give her answers about her developing meta-human powers. When Nigel, one of the lab assistants tries to prevent Caitlin from leaving the lab, intending to use Caitlin's powers for his own benefit, Caitlin coldly freezes his arm solid. With Killer Frost briefly taking over, Caitlin is ready to kill Nigel but her mother manages to talk her out of it. Afterward, a strange new meta-human assaults Central City, Barry tries to persuade Julian to give him a chance to help with the case.

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In "Shade," Alchemy is giving Wally back his Flashpoint memories, causing him to have dreams and visions of his other life, where he was Central City’s speedster hero, Kid Flash. Realizing he has to talk with Wally in order to keep him safe, Barry decides to reveal to Wally, Joe and Iris the whole truth of what happened in the Flashpoint timeline.

Later, in “Invasion,” The Dominators assault Central City, Barry speeds over to Star City to find the Green Arrow to ask for help in stopping them. Barry knows that the fight against the Dominators will be too much for him, so he goes hunting for allies. Cisco and Barry go to find the Legends of Tomorrow, and soon after they travel through time to bring back Supergirl. Together, they come up with a plan of attack, yet a stunning mystery identified with Flashpoint is uncovered and now nobody is certain who they can trust.

Determined to stop Savitar, Barry goes to seek help from Jay Garrick. Wally wants to help Barry in the battle with Savitar and reveals that he's been preparing with H.R., which doesn't go over well with Barry. As Cisco confronts his first Christmas without Dante.

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Later, Cisco vibes Barry to the future so that they can read the headlines on the news report to figure out which events they need to change to stop Iris’ death. While in the future, however, Barry sees H.R. standing on a roof with a rifle, which means Barry telling him about the future did change it.

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When Gypsy showed up to apprehend H.R. for violating the principal law of Earth-19, banned inter-dimensional travel. H.R. surrenders yet when Barry and Cisco discover that H.R's. only way out is to challenge Gypsy in a battle to the death, they mediate and Cisco offers to battle Gypsy instead and surprising wins.

Barry and the S.T.A.R. Labs team come together to cut down Clive Yorkin, a criminal meta-human who has the ability to literally disintegrate his foes by causing them to rapidly decompose at far quicker than the normal rate. Joe turns into his next target yet it's Iris who is caught in the crossfire. Barry and the team are quick to cure her with the help of Killer Frost.

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In "Attack on Gorilla City," when Jesse Quick informs the team that her father has been abducted, Barry, Caitlin, Cisco and Julian voyage to Earth-2 to Gorilla City. As they trek through the jungle, the are quickly captured by the Gorillas. While they are in their cells, Grodd asks for their help to stop the leader of Gorilla City, Solvar from invading Earth-1. Barry has to defeat Solvar in the arena in a battle to the death. In the end Grodd deceives them and he attacks Earth-1. Gypsy comes back to join the battle.

Later, Barry and group are amazed when Mon-El and Hank Henshaw touch base on their Earth carrying an unconscious Supergirl who was whammied by the Music Meister. Unfit to wake her up, they turn to Team Flash to spare her. Music Meister hypnotized Barry and Kara sending them into an alternate universe. The only way out of trance is to follow the musical which would end with romantic kisses from Mon El and Iris to save Kara and Barry.

In “The Once and Future Flash,” Barry arrives in 2024, hoping to talk to his future self and make him reveal who Savitar is, what he sees is something even more tragic than he thought. He's going to encounter the future versions of his friends, as well as himself, who all have become totally different people after Iris died in the hands of Savitar. It will be up to him to prove that they can save Iris.

In "Finish Line," with H.R.’s sacrifice, Team Flash believes the future has changed, and the newspaper in the Chamber of Time Secrets that now bears Iris West-Allen’s name. Saving Iris also means that Savitar should cease to exist since it’s her death that leads Barry to create the time remnants. Acknowledging he has one choice left to spare her, The Flash turns to Captain Cold for assistance.

With H.R.’s sacrifice, Team Flash believes the future has changed, and the future newspaper in the Chamber of Time Secrets that now bears Iris West-Allen’s byline. Saving Iris also means that Savitar should eventually cease to exist since it’s her death that leads Barry to create the time remnants, which he won’t do now that Iris is alive. Barry is prepared to sacrifice himself to save his city and his loved ones; however, first, he needs to take care of Savitar, only Iris saves Barry.

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Unfortunately, all’s not well that ends well because Central City gets hit with a series of earthquakes, which are caused by instability in the Speed Force. As Central City is ravaged by a lightning storm, a breach opens, and the Barry’s Mom walks out and beckons to Barry, indicating that he’s reached his finish line. No one on Team Flash wants him to go, but Barry realizes that this is his penance for causing all of this trouble. Barry and Iris say goodbye and he makes Iris promise she’ll keep living and loving without him. Then he enters the breach, and the Speed storm stops.

The Flash season four premiere is on Tues., Oct. 10, 2017, at 8/7 p.m. on The CW.

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