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Prince Harry preps Meghan Markle for behaving like a princess

Prince Harry

Now Prince Harry has done it. Princess Diana's younger son up and fell in love with American Meghan Markle and now has to help mold her her into a proper princess, should he choose to make her his bride.

The good news is that the British press reported that she met his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II for tea and things seem to be looking good for the lovebirds.

British author Katie Nicholl told The New York Post that Prince Harry is her main guide in all things royal as he knows that this transition will be difficult and he wants to help her as much as possible.

It is likely that before their tea at Buckingham Palace that, "he would have told his girlfriend how to address the 91-year-old queen, strongly suggesting that she curtsy, even though that’s an optional move these days." said Nicholl.

Markle, who is 36 and stars in USA Network's series Suits already is a stylish woman.  She was raised in Los Angeles and got a degree in both theater and international studies at the prestigious Northwestern University near Chicago.  In addition to modeling and acting, Markle was founder and editor-in-chief of lifestyle website The Tig until its closure in April 2017.

Charity work seems to be part of her dossier for a long time. In 2016 she became global ambassador for World Vision Canada, traveling to Rwanda for the Clean Water Campaign. She has also worked with the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women as an Advocate.

But what would it take to make her a fit for a prince?  It seems like he thinks she is up to the task.

What does becoming a modern princess entail?  Is the princess training something out of The Princess Diaries? Will she have to study up on British history and culture?  Will she meet with etiquette experts? What will she have to change about herself?  She already has good posture, however some of the formalities of royalty will definitely take a little time to adjust to.

There is one more hurdle. Markle is not only an American woman with a successful career, but she is also a divorcee.  However, since the birth of Prince George and Princess Charlotte, Prince Harry’s position in the line of succession dropped a few pegs, so the Royal Family may have lightened their stance on these matters.

While Markle  and Prince Harry had been reported to be together since June 2016, it wasn’t until Sept. 25 at the Invictus Games in Canada where they were seen actually looking like a couple and holding hands.  What’s next for the Prince and his potential princess?

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