R&B artist Seanloui releases his new single, "Tell Me"

"Tell Me" Single Cover, Seanloui

R&B artist Seanloui Dumas recorded his first single, “W. A. I. S. T. D.” with the help of his friend and local Tucson musician and producer Mike Almeroth.  Together they would craft the sound that would later be dubbed “Euro R&B Pop.”  In a matter of 3 weeks’ time, Seanloui would write and record the song that would gain traction throughout the music industry at home and abroad.

Following the release of his critically acclaimed debut single, Seanloui returns with, “Tell Me,” a dark track filled with a dreamy pop cadence.  The vocals are filled with an inviting R&B vibe.  There is definitely a polished feel to the song with its great pop sensibilities and overall haunting sound.  The song is overall raw and emotional with an intimate personal story behind the song.

From the artist:  “I found out the love of my life for 4 years, cheated on me by pretending to hang out with a famous person who had mutual friends.  This song is letting her know that I know she cheated.”

Seanloui definitely proves he can make effective music with this really soulful release.  Brimming with urgency and drama, the lyrics and vocals are fraught with betrayal and ominous overtones.

With this solid production, Seanloui shows he has the chops to produce some really great R&B fare with a dreamy pop vibe.

Be sure you have a listen today!

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