R&B group Shrek Is Love releases new EP, 'Shrek Is Love, Vol. 1: This Is My Swamp

'Shrek Is Love, Vol. 1: This Is My Swamp,' Shrek Is Love

Shrek is Love is an R&B four piece outfit with members from Los Angeles and New York, consisting of Michael Mayo (vocals), Jacob Mann (keys), Nick Campbell (bass), and Christian Euman (drums).  The beloved Disney animation series comes alive in this R&B rendition inspired by an internet meme.

The group incorporates a mix of Vaporwave, a genre of electronic music and internet meme that emerged in the 2010s and 8 bit tones in the form of Chiptune, synthesized electronic music, which is made from a programmable sound generator used in vintage computers, consoles, and arcade machines on their debut EP, Shrek Is Love, Vol. 1:  This Is My Swamp. 

This oftentimes comical and whimsical venture into Disney territory opens up with “Lord Farquaad,” that starts out with a dynamic electric beat with a retro '80s pixelated sound.  The jazz-fusion soulful vibe that is fully elicited through electric keys, gives this love song a smooth vibe.  A great R&B groove filled with soulful sounds, this is a character sketch of Lord Farquaad, describing him as short and a ruthless ruler who’s looking for a girl to marry and Fiona happens to be it.  He strikes a deal with Shrek an Donkey to rescue Fiona from the clutches of the creatures in order for him to marry her.  The great bluesy vibe coming from the solo on the bass and the electric keys which brings back some of the 80’s vibe undulates with a intoxicating groovy style that depicts the evil Lord Farguaad in a new light.

The dreamy sounds coming from “This Is My Swamp,” is created through melodious piano keys and a great jazz-infusion vibe.  The soulful connotations and bluesy appeal resonates with clandestine keys, a drumming beat, and rhythms on bass that weaves throughout the song.  This song is about the home of Shrek, as he looks upon his beloved swamp with clear ownership.  A great jazzy flavor is evident as Mayo vocalizes Shrek’s entitlement to his trees, his rocks, his hills, his land, etc.

The last track to the EP, “Fiona,” is a smooth, chill jazzy and soulful blend.  The great soothing sounds are tinged with longing and desires as this soft ballad resounds with a sweet sound, serenading listeners as we get to know the ogre-Princess.  The bluesy and soulful quality is really great as listeners will really feel in the smooth vocals the yearning and longing as it displays a pledge of love for the Princess Fiona.  This jazzy groove is a smooth dreamy blend that resonates with melodic keys that electronically trace the jazzy and bluesy R&B track.

Shrek Is Love, Vol 1:  This Is My Swamp in the theme of Shrek love songs takes the point of view of different characters throughout the Shrek movies and produces some compelling music inspired by an internet meme.

Although the Vaporwave and the Chiptune may create a groove that sounds like elevator music to some, the R&B jams on this 3-tracked EP may prove worthwhile to those who are into the Disney characters and want to revisit some of their favorites.

If you’re looking for electronic music blended with R&B and jazz fusions with a Disney flair, then this is for you.

Otherwise elevator music with animated hero themes might not be something up your alley.

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