RESIN delivers a solid sophomore effort with Fidget

Fidget by RESIN

Fidget is the sophomore album by LA-based musician RESIN. Born and raised in Prague, the artist began playing music at six years old. After performing in bands for a few years, she decided to create her own sound. Since then, the artist has been writing and producing her own tracks. Fidget stands as a solid effort from RESIN, which showcases some unique sensibilities.

Fidget kicks off with the electronic and highly textured “Corners.” Entirely without vocals, this piece would feel at home on an action movie or video game soundtrack. While it is well orchestrated with strong beats, “Corners” feels like something we have heard before. Track four, entitled “Cartwright,” contains a similar vibe. However, it has more of a distinct RESIN flair. This piece rings of a long lost addition to the Run Lola Run album. Driving rhythm and abstract – slightly tortured – vocals make for an engaging listen here.

The second track on Fidget represents a departure from the above. With a Concrete Blonde meets Elysian Fields sensibility, “Hoarse” is a successful jaunt into the dark. This song captures audiences with a dynamic combination of smooth surfaces and jagged edges.


RESIN keeps one foot in the shadows

Next, the dark and resonating “LIE” opens with sparse tones. Ambient sounds and piano notes quickly layer in. When RESIN begins speaking, her voice completes the picture – transporting listeners to a dark and smoky room. This track is likely to pull people onto the floor in a slow and smooth dance. Deeper baselines emerge as the piece progresses, with counterpoint in higher electronic tones. RESIN’s voice oscillates between sensual and frayed in this standout track.

Further along on Fidget is “Gave it Up.” A mellow work, RESIN’s voice is much lighter than in previous tracks. Beneath an electronic rhythm, flute-like melodies replace previous piano tones. This tune feels like it should be played in a quiet space late at night with close friends. Less sensual, but equally as intimate, “Gave it Up” feels like a natural progression from “LIE.” While not as compelling as its predecessor, it is a solid track.

The final piece on Fidget, “One Silver Dollar,” is comparatively sparse. This track stops just short of being eerie, while dipping into a shadowy moody. It would have been interesting to hear RESIN lean further into this sensibility. As it stands, “One Silver Dollar” feels ever so slightly restrained.

Fidget is an overall successful effort from writer, producer and singer RESIN. It will be interesting to see how her sound develops over time – and whether her work dives further into dark spaces.

RESIN delivers a solid sophomore effort with Fidget
  • Fidget by RESIN
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