'Riverdale' recap: 'Chapter Fifteen: Nighthawks'


On the latest episode of Riverdale Betty tries to save Pop’s, Veronica deals with her parents, Jughead tries to help his dad, and Archie continues to deal with the aftermath of the shooting.

Last time on the season two premiere of Riverdale, Archie’s friends supported him as his dad went through surgery. Fred woke up and Veronica’s dad returned to Riverdale.

“Nighthawks” opens on Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe with Jughead looking at graffiti on the front of the building that says “Death Diner.” Jughead goes in and sees Pop leaning against the counter. Pop asks him if he saw the graffiti in a distraught voice.

At the Andrews’ house, Archie tries to make Fred breakfast while chugging an energy drink. Archie gets a call and is annoyed when it is a deputy not Sheriff Keller, who seems to be ignoring his calls.

At the Lodge residence, Smithers tells Veronica to leave another way to avoid her father, but Hiram comes in from exercising. Hiram talks about how Veronica is avoiding her family. Veronica says the last time they had dinner as a family was the day he was arrested.

At school the gang sits outside and chats about Pop’s. All his employees quit and Archie admits he does not want to return. Betty is determined to not let the gunman ruin their favorite Riverdale place. Veronica offers to help. Jughead and Archie leave to go to the police station, Archie with flyers on the hooded man and Jughead to see his dad’s new lawyer.

At the Riverdale police station, Archie talks to Sheriff Keller about the gunman and shares that he wants to do more to help. Keller receives a call and tells Archie to let the police handle the matter. Jughead and his dad F.P. meet with the new lawyer, who tells him to take the deal he has been offered.

Jughead goes to Archie's after and a stressed Archie almost attacks him with a bat. He says his dad’s deal is for 20 years, but if F.P. does not take it, it could be up to 40 years in jail. Jughead says he is afraid and Archie says he is too, and then imagines the hooded man is outside.

The next day, Betty calls Jughead and tells him to met her at mayor’s office. She then calls Veronica and tells her Archie has not been sleeping in his room. Veronica and Archie go on a walk and talk. She tells him visiting the school counselor is a good idea after he tells her about guarding the doors.

Betty and Jughead ask Mayor McCoy for help with Pop’s, but she is worried about the safety of the town. Jughead also asks for help with his dad, which she declines.

At the school, Reggie talks to another student about jingle jangle, a drug he is selling. He sees Archie staring at the guidance counselor's office and offers him some when Archie asks for something to keep him awake.

Betty talks to Veronica and Kevin about Pop’s. She wants to keep it open because it has been a special place in her life. She also does not want Jughead to lose Pop’s since he might lose his dad. Hiram arrives, interrupting the group to talk to Veronica. The two talk outside and Veronica admits she wants their relationship to be how it was, but it is not possible anymore.

Jughead talks to Tall Boy, one of F.P.’s Serpent friends and asks for help with his dad’s case. Tall Boy says he has someone that might help.

Veronica and Betty go to Vixen practice to see Cheryl and Josie, who just joined the team. Betty asks Cheryl, who has decided to take over as leader again, if the team can help out at an event at Pop’s. Cheryl says no.

Principal Weatherbee addresses the students telling them Miss Gundry was murdered at her house in Greendale. Archie thinks about Grundy and the relationship he had with her and leaves the room, rushing home. Archie tells Fred he thinks someone is after people he in his life. Fred tries to comfort his son, but does not seem to take his concerns seriously.

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Jughead goes to a tattoo parlor to meet Penny Peabody, a South Side Serpent who is also an attorney. Penny says if he Blossom family publicly forgives him, F. P. will probably serve little time. She then tells Jughead this was a favor, and he owes her one.

Archie and Betty talk to Betty’s mom Alice about Grundy and ask if she can get details of the death. Alice agrees. She then tells Betty an anonymous buyer wants to purchase Pop’s.

Betty calls Veronica and tells her about Pop’s. Veronica accuses her dad of trying to buy Pop’s as a way of buying her love. Hiram insists he is not the buyer. She brings up Fred and how the day after he refused the deal, he was shot. Veronica asks if Hiram shot Fred, which he denies. She brings out the letter he wrote her, threatening Hermione if Veronica refused to testify. Hermione looks at it, then her husband, and claims she wrote the letter. Veronica is disgusted with them and leaves.

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Betty and Jughead go see Cheryl and her mom Penelope to ask for leniency. The Blossom’s vehemently deny the request.

Archie sees who he believes to be the gunman outside his house and attacks. It turns out to be Reggie bringing his drugs. Reggie wore the hood as a prank and tells Archie not do that again because the hooded man has a gun.

Alice’s coroner friend shows her Grundy’s body and says it was a crime of passion. Alice tells Archie and Fred that the attacker was probably someone she knew and no items had been stolen as far as the police knew. She tells him a cello bow was used to strangle Grundy, and Archie knows it was the bow he gave her as a present. Alice says there is almost no chance her death and Fred’s shooting are connected, but Archie disagrees.

Jughead and Betty go to Pop’s. Jughead asks him to make his dad’s favorite meal for him since it might be his last in Riverdale and Pop agrees. Betty asks if Pop has officially sold the diner. When he says no, she tells him not give up yet.

Betty ambushes a half naked Cheryl in the girl’s locker room. She demands Cheryl speak on F.P.’s behalf or she releases the video of Cheryl’s father killing Jason. Cheryl agrees to Betty’s terms and also agrees for the Vixens to help out with retro night at Pop’s.

At the school, Jughead and Veronica talk about their fathers. Jughead says his dad tried to change, and maybe her dad is trying as well.

Archie tells Keller he thinks Grundy’s ex-husband is the murderer. He believes the man somehow found out about his close relationship to Grundy. He tells Keller he gifted a cello bow to Grundy and thinks it is the murder weapon. Archie is disappointed when he finds out Grundy’s ex has an alibi.

At F.P.’s court case, Cheryl takes the stand saying the Blossom’s forgive F.P. The judge says he cannot let F.P. off the hook, so Cheryl says she heard her father threaten Jughead if F.P. did not comply. The judge says they will delay the case given the new evidence.

Retro night at Pop’s starts slow and Betty is worried. Josie arrives, angry that Betty wrote on social media that the Pussycats are playing at Pop’s. She is worried her mom will hear, plus Val is sick. Cheryl offers to stand in and Josie reluctantly agrees. They sing a fun cover of “Milkshake” for the crowd.

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Archie arrives, but continues to remember the shooting. Veronica tells him she is proud he came and gives him a kiss. The Lodges come and Veronica tells them she wants to try and have a better relationship, asking them for honesty.

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Some Serpents come in and Alice takes pictures with her phone.She also catches Reggie dealing drugs outside and takes pictures. At the counter, Cheryl comes over to gets the video from Jughead, interrupting a kiss between him and Betty.

Pop speaks to the crowd and thanks Betty, saying Pop’s is staying open thanks to her and a generous donation from the Lodges. Hiram tells Hermione he bought the diner and Pop’s silence, as Pop is allowed to stay on as manager. He thanks her for her loyalty, citing her lying and telling Veronica she wrote the letter.

The gang sits together, enjoying their milkshakes and their victory for the night. Archie asks if he should introduce himself to Hiram, but Veronica tells him another night.

The night unfortunately does not end pleasantly. At the Blossom’s, Cheryl gets ready to show her mom the video. At the Lodge’s, the family is greeted by their new doorman, Andre. Hiram tells Veronica Smithers left to take care of his sick mother. Meanwhile,Jughead receives a call from his dad who tells him not to answer if Penny Peabody ever calls.

Betty is still at Pop’s when her mother ruins her night. Alice tells Betty various drug deals happened at the diner. She also lets on that Hiram bought the diner and the Serpents now have a spot in this side of town. In another part of town, Archie meets Dilton Doiley who brings him a gun.

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The episode ends with another crime. Moose and Midge are doing jingle jangle and making out in a car when the hooded man appears. The gunman shines a light on them and shoots them both.

Riverdale is getting intense! I loved the “Milkshake” cover. Veronica’s dad is definitely evil and Hermione appears to be worse than I thought. I am worried about Archie. I am also wondering what everyone who has been attacked or killed has in common other than living in Riverdale at some point. There was a lot of blood, but I am hoping Midge and Moose survive.

Riverdale airs Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. on The CW. Check out the trailer for the next episode below.

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