Rockers, Kris Heaton Band brings to the table their compelling new album, 'World Gone Mad'

'World Gone Mad' Art Cover, Kris Heaton BAnd

Connecticut-based rocker Kris Heaton is a seasoned musician who has well-weathered the music scene, growing up playing in rock bands during his Connecticut high school career in the '70s.  After a long and incomplete stint at Bennington College, he went on to tour with Control Group, a band he started together with five other friends from Connecticut and New Jersey.  After completing a tour in the New England-area, Heaton began to bring his brand of New Wave/Metal fusion to an international level, engraving his signature rock ‘n’ roll stage presence onto the world stage.

Heaton’s long history with music has brought him many accolades, from appearing on Star Search and winning a Miller High Life Rock To Riches Award with Control Group to having four songs on the National FMQB Charts.  Kris Heaton Band's latest album, World Gone Mad, is already gathering acclaim.  In recent months, he won the Akademia Music Award for Best Rock Song 2017, for his song “Who Let The Bullets Fly,” which is a compelling opener to his newest album.

“Who Let The Bullets Fly” erupts from the start with melodious guitars and right away we get to see the welding of tight musicianship coalescing from the Kris Heaton Band in the track.  Upbeat drums takes the tumult and with reverb-drenched vocals, the harmonious singing blends into a resounding meld of sounds.  This rock anthem follows through a pop, bluesy appeal with Heaton chanting “who let the bullets fly, oh no, who let the young men die.”  This track with its anti-war themes is rallying for a more peaceful outcome and with an energetic, charged feel to the song it adamantly makes this protest statement come alive.

The title-track, “World Gone Mad” is a retro-sounding track that has an overall operatic tone to the vocals.  The song asks ‘why’ in regards to dealing with the world issues of today.  With some deliberate numerating over guitar strings, ambient synths to go with the overall atmospheric vibe, and snarling drums, with the course the world’s taking, Heaton asks audiences on the song to keep to the motto to “not to hurt one another.”   In the direction of the captivating opener, “World Gone Mad” calls out for more unity with everything that’s happening today.

“When We Danced” is a nostalgic rack that reminisces of “better days” as Heaton goes down memory lane and remembers some special moments like the time they danced.  A wall of guitars could be heard with fast drums keeping in pace to the beat, as well as a welling of melodious piano keys as Heaton talks about the special moments the couple shared.

“Something New” starts out with the clashing of drums.  The gritty bluesy sound that comes through next has a great rock vibe with a classic rock finish.  This song will really bring out the adventurous spirit out of listeners as it advises us to “try something new.”

“I Want You” is a guitar-heavy track paved with high-end energy.  The fully amped track is also incorporated with a gritty vibe.  The song is lined with passionate lyrics and a bustling bluesy vibe with radio-active guitars.  An effective electric guitar solo rides out the track mid-song, ending the melee of guitars well on this contagious track.

The album slows down with “When The Sun Goes Down,” a lovely ballad about a special moment shared between a couple in love.  Filled with longing and desires, this slow-burning ballad is filled with a cascade of sounds coming from the electric guitars, rhythmic bluesy bassline, and upbeat drums.

“Drink To The Girls” follows Heaton’s narrative timeline from high school, college and onwards.  The song is ode to all the girls, a toast to all the girls in the world, and is an outright anthem with an uproarious sound and anecdotal lyrics.  This fun-driven track with its outlandish rock will be sure to enthrall listeners.

On “One Thin Line,” Heaton sings about how a thin line exists between the have’s and have not’s and how there’s a crucial balance between the two.  The resonating track is filled with snarling guitars, ambient synths and a great electronic beat.

“Where The Wind Blows” is about following your heart and about growing old and weathering the storm together, that together their love will only grow stronger.  The upbeat melodies and textured sounds pave the way to a great rock spirited rock sound that carries a positive message, citing for unity.

“Way Of The World” is filled with socially aware lyrics, how in this problem-filled world, it is just the way things are and how the universe is run.  This song is just telling you how it is.  The electric guitar solo makes some stellar sounds that erupts from this track as Heaton belts out the lyrics on this soulful song.

The last track, “Better World” is a great harmonious ballad with a resonating duet, as Heaton and his co-singer makes the promise that after every storm there is a rainbow.

A blend of rock-driven anthems, some social conscious and political driven songs, and a few memorable ballads mix it up on the Kris Heaton Band’s eclectic album, World Gone Mad. 

Soaked with socially aware content, the Kris Heaton Band really imbues a progressive sound to their music.  With political themes and many a weighty subject matter in the lyrics, it seems like what Heaton hopes to accomplish is to make a world a better place through his music. A collection of songs that include a pop and bluesy approach to the production, it seems to be that the Kris Heaton Band is changing hearts and minds with their electric sound as it is something that really feeds your heart and with its unhinged bluesy vibe, it’s also something that can feed your soul.

The textured sound and rock vibe coming, World Gone Mad, sheds light on the skilled musicianship from the Kris Heaton Band, who really hones their craft in these sonically stellar and vibrantly anecdotal tracks.

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