'Supergirl': Far from the Tree Recap

In this episode of Supergirl, there are two story lines that are focused on, and both revolve around certain character’s parents. Maggie’s dad comes into town for her and Alex’s bridal shower, while J’onn goes to Mars to help M’gann and finds out he isn’t the last Green Martian after all.

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Eliza is back in town for the bridal shower, and has dinner with Alex and Maggie beforehand. Maggie opens up a little more about her parents kicking her out. When they’re going to bed later that night, Alex tells Maggie that maybe she should reach out to her father because “the world is different” and “maybe he’s changed.” Alex’s words seem to stick with Maggie, who calls her father in the middle of the night and invites him to the shower.

Meanwhile, J’onn has taken Kara with him to Mars in a car that turns into a spaceship. M’gann greets them with the other White Martians of the resistance. J’onn is told that there was another Green Martian found alive in a White Martian base. This Martian turns out to be none other than J’onn’s father, M’yrnn. Apparently he’s been tortured for two centuries.

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M’yrnn doesn’t recognise his son at all, and thinks it’s a trick by the White Martians to get him to talk. He turns into his human form to explain the origins of the staff, and there’s some cool White Martian origin lore involved. M’yrnn also reveals that he is the one keeping the staff safe, which is pretty impressive after two centuries of torture.

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Maggie’s dad, Oscar, arrives and has a very awkward conversation with his daughter, who he apparently hasn’t seen or contacted since she was 14. He attends the shower, fully aware that it’s two women who are getting married, and still storms out halfway through. Maggie confronts him on the street and they get into a huge fight. Basically, Oscar isn’t a great guy, and uses his own difficult upbringing as a Mexican in America to shame Maggie for being gay. He leaves, saying that she can live the way she wants but he won’t be a part of it.

M’yrnn is only able to believe J’onn is his son when J’onn takes him to their old home and shows him his favorite memory, which is of his two daughters. They have an emotional reunion, but it’s quickly interrupted by the resistance telling them that the White Martians have found the staff. After defeating the White Martians,the resistance asks J’onn and Kara to hide the staff on Earth, because it’s too powerful for anyone to wield.

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