Top 10 songs for an (adult) Halloween night playlist

Originally published Oct 28, 2016

Halloween is just a few days away and people everywhere are scrambling to assemble the perfect playlist. Are you are sending the kids to stay with grandma for the night? Having some friends over to avoid the crowds – or make your own? If you are looking for some adult tunes to incorporate into this weekend, we have just the tracks for you.


The difficulty with holiday playlists is always making them unique. Everyone on the block will be playing Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and some version of “Monster Mash.” If you are looking to mix it up this year, proceed. Do so at your own risk though, these tunes are not for the faint of heart.

From classics like the Ramones to little-known artist like Attrition, there is something for everyone in this list. Take a peek at our top 10 tracks for your adult-only party this Halloween.

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