Tune in on Saturday for 'Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet' on Nat GEO WILD

Being a veterinarian is considered to be one of the most rewarding professions there is in the world.  You get to spend your days helping sick animals and sometimes nurturing their distraught owners.  Dr. Michelle Oakley is a vet working in the Yukon territory where she has a practice that covers thousands of miles of rough terrain during all four seasons, including the brutal winters.  Her adventures can be seen on Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet that begins on Saturday, Oct. 14 on Nat Geo WILD.

Dr. Oakley makes house calls all across Northern Canada and Alaska where she is often accompanied by her three daughters.  She operates is the on-call vet at satellite clinic for the Yukon Wildlife Preserve that is located 150 miles away from her home.  She has been known to travel thousands of miles to tend to a patient. She will get there any way she can, and that sometimes involves flying to see a patient in need.

Dr. Oakley
Saskatchewan, Canada - Dr. Michelle Oakley looks out from a helicopter. (Lucky Dog Films/Chris Lane)

She approaches veterinary medicine the same way she approaches life:  with kindness, a sense of adventure and a very good sense of humor.  She often encounters bears, owls, wild cats, reindeer as well as domestic pets.

Catch the touching and humorous adventures of Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet on Saturdays on Nat Geo WILD here.







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