Twitter announces new rules and hate policies


In the past week, Twitter has made a series of announcements promising to handle issues related to violent groups, hateful images and symbols and revenge porn in a more aggressive manner.

On Oct. 19, Twitter Safety tweeted:

These first series of announcements, which will be implemented on Nov. 22, includes new rules against violent or hateful speech. They read as follows, according to the Twitter blog:

Violent Groups: “We will start suspending accounts for organizations that use violence to advance their causes.”

Hateful Imagery and Hate Symbols: “Our media policy will be updated in the coming weeks to include hateful imagery and hate symbols. This means that this content will no longer be permitted in avatars or profile headers. Tweets containing this type of content will be placed behind an interstitial. We will share examples of hateful imagery and symbols when the policy is finalized.”

They have also updated policies on unwanted sexual advances, media policy updates, expanded definition of spam and related behaviors and hateful display names.

In addition, Tech Crunch is reporting that Twitter is also planning to actively try and block any revenge porn that may be posted to their site. This comes after the social media website was criticized for their slow response to the inappropriate photos that Rob Kardashian posted of his ex-girlfriend, Blac Chyna.

This includes, according to Twitter’s statement on intimate media, any picture taken with a hidden camera that may involve “nudity, partial nudity, and/or sexual acts…captured in a private setting and not intended for public distribution.”

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“When we review this type of content,” the statement also states, “it may not be clear whether it was produced or distributed consensually. To help prevent our teams from making a mistake and removing consensual intimate media, we may require a report from the actual subject or their authorized representative prior to taking any enforcement action.”

Should Twitter suspect someone of posting intimate media, their account will be suspended permanently. Any retweeters will be given a warning and asked to remove the offending tweets as well. Hopefully, the company stands by these policies and this helps clear up some undesirable content that can be found on Twitter.

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