Corey Feldman, Sean Astin rush to aid Alyssa Milano to help after trolls attack her

Friends of the departed Corey Haim are speaking forward to silence the trolls who are coming after Alyssa Milano for saying that she was ignorant to the abuse going on to children in Hollywood.

Corey Feldman put the abuse allegations out in the world years ago, but the world finally started to listen to him after more and more reports of sexual misconduct came out.

Milano and Sean Astin, both former child stars who successfully made the transition to acting as adults were quick to stand by their friends and both are taking a lot of heat for defending their friend.

Milano was one of the first celebrities to support victims of sexual harassment and assault and helped popularize the #MeToo movement and quickly received backlash for her involvement because she originally stated that she was unaware of the sexual abuse regarding the men, then known as “The Two Coreys” by their legion of devoted fans.  She and Haim even dated for a while.

Too Fab recently reported how Feldman and Astin are coming to her side.

Longtime friend, Feldman ordered: "Good people, please stop bashing my old friend Alyssa Milano."

Astin, who is now starring in Stranger Things 2 joined in the twitter conversation in a Twitter essay on Nov. 6 on TwitLonger to defend Milano, “She too was a kid. We all were. And now that we are adults, we have even greater responsibility to one another."

Milano tweeted directly to Feldman, "I'm sorry anyone hurt you. It kills me. Maybe in my attempt to protect myself I was blind to what was happening to you."

Feldman has been aggressive in launching a campaign to reveal the pedophiles and abusers that have long been part of Hollywood.  He named names including talent manager Marty Weiss and actor Jon Grisson and says he has more to say.

Corey Feldman

He is asking for $10 million to make a movie, but also to indemnify himself as he had previously signed a confidentiality agreement with a penalty of the same amount of money.

It was just reported that Haim also was allegedly raped by Charlie Sheen during the filming of the film Lucas when he was just 13-years-old. See that story here.

Haim died in 2010 from pneumonia that was exacerbated by a long-time dependency on prescription drugs such as Valium. He was 38.

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