Crank up the volume to Jay Clark Band's newest album release, 'Turning It Up'

'Turning It Up' Art Cover, Jay Clark Band

Ohio-based southern rock/country artist Jay Clark Band lets it loose with a slamming sound on their new album, Turning It Up. 

Comprised of Jay Clark (singer, guitar, bass), Rob Carlson (lead guitar), Dwayne Russell (keyboards), and Coby Utterback (drums), JCB goes on uncharted territory as the band creates a new genre ‘country metal,’ a genre that the group has christened with their sonically flavorful debut album, Cocked and Loaded.  Conjuring the locked and loaded sounds off their country-bent with a metal twist debut album, Turning It Up follows the same trajectory as the previous album with JCB dressing their sound with rip-tide chords, a welling of gritty vocals, and with a fine-tuned ear for Southern-infused rock music.

Turning It Up opens with a contagious Southern rock energy with the title-track.  The amped feel to the track contains gritty vocals and a charged appeal to the music.  With a sound that recalls a rollicking good time, the song harnesses a gigantic guitar vibe and whipping loud drums.

“On My Way” is about expanding one’s horizons and about the right time to head out the door.  Spiraling guitars rock out in the track with a Southern country bent and giant rockabilly feel.  This is definitely rock music about tough-love as busy bustling guitars, rhythmic bass, and loud and loaded sounds from the drums keep up the vibe.

On “Won’t Let You Down,” epic guitar riffs resounds on the track.  Energized vocals give off a big amped feel to the song, as the drums gather up momentum in the background.  The anthem is about being the anchor and support for someone as Clark nearly shouts out the lyrics to this appealing country metal/Southern rock track.

“Backroads” is a great rocking country-bent ballad that contains combined vocal harmonies that make up for a dynamic sound on this nostalgic track that dives into the memories of heading back to Clark’s hometown filled with instances of backyard parties and uproarious shindigs.

The sounds of a storm brewing could be heard in the intro to the track, “A Storm Is Coming.”  An intense rock track, the gritty rockabilly vibe guns over a country-metal sound.  Radio-active guitars continue to break all barriers as the track is fueled by facts of anarchy based off of news reports that “trouble is brewing” expected to arrive with the ensuing tempest.

“Loud” turns up the volume with the clashing of guitars, bass, keys, and drums.  The jam session on the track showcases an energized performance from the JCB, as Clark flashbacks to some good times over the years and an intro to more.  Great soaring guitar solos rock out the song mid-track.

“Coming Back To You” is a dreamy country-twang ballad with a slower saunter to the track.  About being on the road and having someone to come home to, the song is filled with a bright and radiant cadence.

“Hometown” is a Southern-country fueled track with a big kick-back feel.  The song is filled with nostalgia, as Clark reminisces about life in his hometown.

The Jay Clark Band lets it loose with their country metal, rockabilly, Southern-infused vibe on their newest album, Turning It Up.

These tracks that talk about everything from cruising around one’s hometown to turning up the music at a party and just keeping it real when love wears you down is a compact selection of songs off this 8-tracked album.

Crank up the volume as you listen to these stirring country-rock anthems tinted with metal influences.  The revving guitar solos are so epic on this album, the skid marks are still blowing off smoke from the aftermath!

Enjoy this country-influenced album infused with the twist of metal, as the South comes alive in this loud and energized recording.

The album's title-track and first single and the album will be released on Dec. 15.

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