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'Flash' Girls Night Out: Recap

In this episode of Flash, it’s time for Iris and Barry’s bachelor and bachelorette parties, which brings Felicity to town.

Unfortunately, that fun quickly goes south when Amunet’s glass-eyed goon shows up at the restaurant and interrupts the women’s champagne toast. Felicity assumes he’s a bad stripper, but she’s corrected when he demands that Caitlin come with him. When Caitlin refuses, his eye falls out. A tentacle emerges from the hole and starts attacking them. The fight awakens Killer Frost, who sends the man flying through the restaurant’s window. 

The Flash, recap, Iris West, Candice Patton, Emily Bett Rickards, Danielle Panabaker, Caitlin Snow, Felicity Smoak,
Photo by: The CW

Killer Frost finds Amunet Black in a nightclub. She demands her freedom but Amunet refuses to give it to her because she wants Killer Frost to help protect her latest acquisition: the Weeper, a metahuman whose tears contain an addictive love drug. Before the two can begin fighting, Iris interrupts the chat and pulls Killer Frost away.

When they return to S.T.A.R., Killer Frost explains that Caitlin got tangled up with Amunet Black when she went looking for something that would help her keep her alter-ego in check. In return for this technology, Amunet made Caitlin become her muscle. Upon learning this, Iris decides they have a responsibility to stop Amunet and save the Weeper.

With Felicity’s help, they are able to track down Amunet, because satellites can find anything in the Arrow-verse. They show up at a warehouse, where Amunet is meeting with someone interested in buying the Weeper. Iris and Felicity, who shows up with Captain Cold’s gun, think they’ll be able to take Amunet and her men on their own, but they’re wrong. Thankfully, Caitlin, who initially decided to hang back because she was afraid she’d lose control, shows up and uses her Killer Frost powers to protect Iris and Felicity, and Cecile uses a magnet to separate Amunet from the special metal she carries.

Joe isn’t having nearly as much fun, however, because he’s freaking out about becoming a father again, it turns out Cecile’s daughter Joanie is a stripper. According to Joanie, she’s writing a book about the female experience and wants to show that a powerful woman be anything she wants.

The Flash, recap, Iris West, Candice Patton, Emily Bett Rickards, Danielle Panabaker, Caitlin Snow, Felicity Smoak,
Photo by: The CW

Joe’s night goes from bad to worse when Ralph causes a bar fight after stealing a $20 from a stripper, which lands them all behind bars. There, Joe opens up to Barry, about his fears about becoming a father again. Pointing out that Joe raised two children as a single father, Barry vows that he, Iris, and everyone else will be there to help him out. Eventually, Harry springs them from jail, and when they all return to S.T.A.R. Labs, they find Caitlin waiting in the Cortex to come clean to them about everything.

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