‘Gotham’ recap: ‘A Dark Knight: Let Them Eat Pie’

In this episode of Gotham, A Dark Knight: Let Them Eat Pie, Professor Pyg continues to terrorize the city. The latest step in his plan involves wanting the rich of Gotham to understand what they have been doing to the poor. He poisons some homeless people and has evil intentions in mind.

Jim is now the new captain of GCPD and he has another awkward run-in with Bullock. The tension between the two of them is still very strong. They talk about the first moments they met and Bullock tells Jim Gotham doesn't need heroes, but people to get the job done. Sadly this is the only time we see Bullock this episode.

Sofia is getting ready for her fundraiser for the orphanage. Penguin still wonders how Jim was promoted to captain of the GCPD. Sofia plays dumb. Penguin doesn’t seem to be falling for it. He knows she has been lying. He is going to use Martin as his spy. He knows Sofia has been lying and is going to catch her in the act. We know that she did this. It seems that Penguin is the only one in town who hasn’t figured this out yet.

Jim gets a call from Professor Pyg telling him that his final plan is coming to life. Jim and Harper find a dinner scene involving dead bodies and pigs eating them. Gross. Lucius informs Jim that these were homeless people that were killed and organs were removed. Jim starts checking areas like The Narrows and find out they were poisoned. This leads them to an old paper mill where they find more homeless people with their organs removed. Pyg is cooking the organs. He then attacks them. He stabs and kidnaps Harper.

Bruce is recovering from another hard night of partying. Alfred obviously doesn’t approve and fears Bruce is lost right now. He wants to help. He tells Bruce it is time for them to do their annual hike that Bruce used to do with his father. They take a walk and Alfred shares the story of how he met Bruce’s father and how it saved his life. It seems to be getting to Bruce but it all proves for nothing. Bruce provides a lie about losing the rocks and bails on Alfred in the woods.

Jim’s impressive detective work helps him discover that Professor Pyg is targeting the orphanage fundraiser. At that moment Pyg (in disguise) is the new chef for the evening. He promises Sofia that the meat pies he is serving will have the guests “dying for them.” Penguin ends up attending the fundraiser with his spy, Martin. Jim sneaks inside the fundraiser looking for Pyg but is quickly attacked and locked in the kitchen with an injured Harper.

Sofia thanks everyone for attending the fundraiser. Everyone is preparing for the performance while Sofia and Penguin continue their deception chess match. They are interrupted by screams as Professor Pyg arrives. He is here to serve dinner to everyone. He does a pretty funny musical number about the meat pies and tells the rich of Gotham that they are eating the poor. They have been feeding off them for years and now they are literally going to eat them. They myst eat them or he will kill Martin.

Penguin demands they all eat so Pyg will spare Martin’s life. Jim escapes the Pyg and foils his plan. Penguin is able to save Martin while Jim and Pyg have a pretty cool fight scene involving knives. They go back and forth and ultimately Jim gets the upper hand. Jim puts Pyg in handcuffs and tells the press that GCPD kept their promise.

Bruce is having some friends over at his mansion when an angry Alfred storms in. He kicks everyone out and tries yet again to get Bruce to talk to him. Bruce keeps deflecting and says he doesn’t feel any different and basically just wants Alfred to leave hm alone.

Penguin and Sofia finally admit the truth to each other. She admits that she paid off the mayor to promote Jim. She promises to never betray him again. He promises not to kill her if she stays honest. This lasts all of 10 minutes as Jim visits Sofia and they share yet another kiss. Even though Jim feels suspicious when he kisses her. Neither of them notice Martin spying in the background and he quickly reports to Penguin. Penguin is devastated and completely betrayed and promises that Sofia will pay for what she has done…



Gotham airs Thursday nights at 8 p.m. only on FOX.      

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