‘Gotham’ recap: ‘A Dark Knight: A Day in the Narrows’


Professor Pyg is on the loose and spreading feat through Gotham. Jim and Bullock’s friendship continues to be strained as Jim tells him he is no longer taking money from Penguin. GCPD has received a delivery of 44 boxes with pig heads. Jim Gordon is the only one not to receive one. It looks like Professor Pyg is going after all of the cops. 

Wayne Manor is hosting a fundraiser and Bruce isn’t himself. He is still dealing with the anger and guilt he feels over his interactions with Ra’s Al Ghul. Alfred knows Bruce is hurting and advises him that he should confront his anger so it doesn’t consume him. Bruce runs into an old classmate named Grace. She invites him to hang out with some of her friends. Bruce seems unsure but agrees to go with her. It will be interesting to see if Bruce can interact with people and control his feelings.

Penguin visits GCPD and introduces Jim and Bullock to his new security consultant, Headhunter. He came highly recommended by Victor. Jim wants to make no alliances with Penguin. They argue and Bullock tries to assure Jim that they need more help. Jim is worried what the people of Gotham will think about gangsters keeping them safe. They get a report of three cops that just went missing in The Narrows.

The GCPD and Penguin’s gang arrive in The Narrows. They find the missing cop cars and decide to investigate. Jim hates the idea of working with Penguin but it seems he doesn’t really have a choice. The tension between Jim and Bullock continues to get worse as Jim approaches a woman who may have seen something. He is doing his best to get information from her but Headhunter takes a different approach by attacking her father. The woman finally admits that she saw Professor Pyg take the cops. They find out that he was heading towards Hoover Island. It seems to me that a major battle between the GCPD and Penguin’s army is looming.

Barbara tells Selina and Tabitha that their business is done since Ra’s is gone. Selina thinks they could keep going but Barbara wants no part of it. Selina wants to prove that they can so she sneaks into a motorcycle gangs hangout to try and steal a stash of their money. Selina is able to steal it but is trapped in there. 

Jim, GCPD and Penguin’s gang rush an abandoned warehouse on Hoover Island. They find two of the three missing officers. One is alive while there is no sign of the third officer. Jim is riding in the ambulance with Officer Fazoli who is still alive. Bullock calls him and says they have no sign of Professor Pyg or the third officer. Jim is telling Fazoli about how Gotham is so corrupt and rotten that Professor Pyg finally broke. Jim admits that sometimes he even feels like he is going to break. Jim tells Fazoli he wants to bring down Penguin and all of the dirty cops. Jim thinks Professor Pyg might be heading to an abandoned courthouse in The Narrows.

Bruce and Grace visit a nice looking apartment where Bruce reunites with some of his old classmates. They share some awkward exchanges and Bruce even has thoughts of letting his anger take him over. He calms down and they all go out to a nightclub. They have some problems getting in but Bruce Wayne uses his name and money to eventually buy the club. Bruce Wayne…billionaire, vigilante and now nightclub owner.

Jim arrives at the abandoned warehouse and is met there by Headhunter and the rest of GCPD and Penguin himself. Jim looks like he is ready to fight Penguin at any minute and is still in shock that Bullock is agreeing with Penguin. Jim gets a call from Professor Pyg and thinks that the courthouse is a trap. He begs Bullock to call off the raid. Bullock, Jim and Penguin all continue to argue. They ultimately decide to go inside the courthouse. The relationship between Bullock and Jim is quickly degrading.

Tabitha continues to plead with Barbara about keeping their business going. Barbara continues to ignore her as she gets a call from a trapped Selina. Tabitha arrives to get Selina and is about to make a move when Barbara strolls right in and takes most of them down. Barbara tells them that she isn’t just here to collect but that they have a business to run. It seems Barbara has come around and this business is back up and running.

They begin the raid of the courthouse and immediately find the third officer. Bullock accidentally shoot her and fall right into Pyg’s trap. Machine guns open fire and either kill them or pin them down. Jim knows he was right and goes into the courthouse and is able to disarm the guns. Headhunter was injured and Bullock and the rest of the crew know that Jim was right but they don’t say anything.

They are still looking for Fazoli. Jim is getting some respect from GCPD officers as he gets another call from Professor Pyg. He knows Pyg was in the ambulance with him and it looks like Pyg was dressed as Officer Fazoli. Pyg tells Jim that he is creating an epic saga and that Jim is the main part of it. I’m liking this storyline with Professor Pyg and I’m curious to see how it is going to play out.

Penguin has been doing a bunch of bragging this episode about his efforts in Gotham. He was annoyed with Sofia didn’t agree with his plan to align himself with the GCPD. He also doesn’t like the fact that the press wanted to talk to Jim and not him. He is also angry with Headhunter and stabs him in the neck and chest when they return to the Iceberg lounge.

Bruce is enjoying this new side of himself. He and Grace share some tender moments in the club as they appear to be partying and dancing the night away. It’s nice to see Bruce not so angry and guilt-ridden but actually enjoying himself. I wonder how long he will be able to keep this up.

It seems that Jim may have started something as some of the other officers at GCPD are no longer working with Penguin. Bullock gives Jim a look from across the room. It seems that this friendship is under some serious stress. Jim has a look on his face wondering how much damage has been done….


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