Californian trio The Great Escape delivers a solid and energized sophomore release on, 'Universe In Bloom'

Universe In Bloom, The Great Escape, Art Cover

The Great Escape’s rock stylings are concocted straight from the 60s-70s era when Rock and Pop and Soul were intuitively new, raw, and in the flux for innovation.

The loud and raucous three-piece from Venice, California, is comprised of Ingrid Andersson (lead vocals), Kristian Nord (drums, bass), and Malte Hagemeister (guitar).  Altogether the West Coast trio has produced a stew of mini docu-style music videos that was widely received among outlets, 3 singles, remixes, and a critically acclaimed self-titled and self-produced debut album released in 2014.  Universe In Bloom is above all an enticing follow-up to the band’s previous efforts.

The album opens up with “Let Me Go Wild” with a big bustling guitar vibe.  A wall of rollicking guitars circulate with reverb-drenched vocals and with the fizzy guitars eliciting a strong indie rock vibe.  The great pop sensibilities give off an inviting retro vibe that harkens back to a 60s-70s era style of music with a melodious appeal and upbeat, catchy cadence.

“Good Day” is filled with a catchy and upbeat sound.  This feel-good track is an inspiring melodious song with warm vocals that definitely hook listeners into this the highly uplifting lyrics and optimistic appeal.  The sun-soaked sound gives off a radiant approach to this heartfelt track paved with sweet vocals.

“I Can’t Resist” contains a marching backbeat on the drums.  With an ominous sound, giant guitar riffs resonate throughout the track with the bass sidling in next with rhythms.  The jazz-inspired cadence on this song gives off a big band feel.  The album shifts, here, for a more sultry approach, incorporating the upbeat sounds of the horn.  This is a great jazzy outcome with a rocking vibe filled with the sounds of blaring guitars that gives off an irresistible cadence.

“All You Got Is Gold” incorporates a simpler sound on the acoustic guitar.  The sparse arrangements feature the sole sounds of Andersson’s vocals with the guitar towards the beginning, then the sounds of the bass and drums enter into the track and transform into an elegant ballad.  The track contains some country elements with lush strings tracing the gamut of the track.

“Sugar Sugar” has a great retro vibe with a happening poppy appeal.  Filled with an upbeat, catchy beat that harkens to some 60s rock vibe with its sugary pop sound, the energized horns accompanying the track give off elements of bouncy jazz and some toe-tapping and in your seat bouncing beats and harmonies.

“Life Is But A Dream” starts off with the strumming of the banjo continuing on with a string of melodious guitars and sounds of the accordion blending in with the contagious vocals.  The dreamy pop track has an upbeat sound, highlighting trumpets that give this romantic, feel-good track its energized sound.

“Better Together” brings back the '60s-'70s style of music with its retro-based flavor.  The sweet-voiced singing from Andersson is sung with passion and attitude.  The staccato sounds of horns sounding off are synced with the beat of the drums as the sunny sounds off this track recalls some doo-wop feels and a Motown-inspired sound.

“The World Ain’t What It Used To Be” is a dark track filled to the tee with a haunting vibe and slightly ominous tone.  With a doo-wop flavor, the marching beat elicits a dramatic and pressing sound.  The demented feel to the track demands for your attention.  The ghostly background vocals exhibits pressing undertones etched throughout the track giving it an uncanny and atmospheric feel.  With this ambient vibe, this song is about someone who has had a change of heart and now is a stranger to you.

The beginning of “All Or Nothing” starts off with the enumerating over the electric guitar.  Evident is an electric sound with just vocals and guitar.  About an ultimatum that places the relationship on the line, the gritty and bluesy vibe on the track traces reverberating vocals and a huge rock ‘n’ roll sound.  With a thrusting and banging bluesy approach, the decisive raw noodling on the electric guitar adds to the grainy polish to the 60s-influenced garage rock song.

Listeners will continue to be sold by the bright sounds that unfold off the last few tracks that include the infectious and upbeat vibe on “The Ticket” that highlights the sounds of harmonica, percussions, and horns, and on the big rocking sound coming from the closer “Bad Reputation.”

The Great Escape’s sonically inspiring music pays homage to vintage styles (Hendrix, Supremes, Joplin, Cohen, Nina Simone, Stones, Beatles) while also representing their artful contemporaries such as The Black Keys, The Heavy, Jack White, and Amy Winehouse.

The trio’s energized performances offer up a sound that seems to be encompassed by a larger outfit than The Great Escape’s three-piece.  With a bristling attitude sprung only from great music, the band who instills their sound with the retro stylings of the industry’s greats, don’t hesitate to bring to you the type of harmonies that is brimming with infectious hooks and soaring melodies.

Overflowing with a sunny vibe, The Great Escape’s sophomore album will take you there as great music determines the place you are in.

Have a listen today and be transcended!

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