The highly anticipated teaser for 'Incredibles 2' has finally arrived

And guess's incredible.

The sequel that the world has been asking, begging and pleading for — Incredibles 2 — has finally released its first teaser trailer.

Thirteen years after the release of The Incredibles, Disney-Pixar is returning to the suburban superhero family who has now already saved the world one time and looks to be gearing up to do it again. The Incredibles has been a long time favorite amongst Pixar fans, and the sequel is expected to create waves at the box-office.

The teaser is brief, yet effective. We get a good glimpse at Jack-Jack — confirming that the movie will take place shortly after the events of The Incredibles, and not thirteen years down the line as some have speculated — learning to use his multitude of abilities.

Incredibles 2
Credit: YouTube

“You have powers!” Bob Par declares with joy at the end of the trailer, before realizing the difficulties that may soon follow in terms of parenting such a gifted child.

The current synopsis on IMDB for Incredibles 2 reads: “Bob Parr (Mr. Incredible) is left to care for Jack-Jack while Helen (Elastigirl) is out saving the world.” Besides that, not many plot details are yet known about the film.

Incredibles 2  sees much of the returning vocal cast: including Craig T. Nelson as Mr. Incredible, Holly Hunter as Elastigirl, Samuel L. Jackson as Frozone, Sarah Vowell as Violet and even John Ratzenberger as The Underminer (who provided one of the greatest ending scenes in all of animated history in The Incredibles, for the record). Huck Milner is replacing Spencer Fox as the voice of Dash.

The film is also welcoming back Brad Bird (Ratatouille, Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol) into the director's chair.

The Incredibles sequel was announced all the way back in March of 2014, originally being slated for a 2019 release. It later switched dates with Toy Story 4, which is now coming on June 21, 2019.

Incredibles 2 will hit theaters on June 15, 2018. Check out the teaser here, and let us know how excited you are to see the return of The Incredibles in the comments below.

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