Jaden Smith brought bouquet of dreadlocks to James Corden

Jaden Smith

Dreadlock party?

Jaden Smith brought an odd bouquet of sorts to his first appearance on the Late Late Show With James Corden on Nov.13—a bundle of his old dreadlocks.

Why someone would do that is a little strange, but the fact that he is so proud of doing this is perhaps more odd.

However, Cordon joined in on the joke and asked if he could have one of the dreads. Other guests Seth Rogan and Jason Segal joined in the fun too, and Rogen actually admitted to wearing dreadlocks himself when he was in high school.

This is not the first time that Smith brought a bouquet of his own hair as an accessory to an event.  Last spring, he showed up at the Met Gala in New York with the same idea.

As reported by Yahoo, Smith tried to explain why he thought bringing his hair was appropriate for this exclusive event.

“And the reason I like to do that is whenever I have a really big important moment in my life, I kind of like to show people how special it is by bringing something, you know, that really means a lot to me.”  Said Smith.

He said that when he cut his dreads off, his mom wanted to keep them.  Ok, moms all have their own special keepsakes, but to bring it to a talk show?

Though Rogen kept the joke going by quipping, “I didn’t know this was happening … if I knew this was a bring-your-old-dreadlock party I would have done it.”

Catch The Late Late Show With James Corden is on CBS.

Jaden Smith has a new album titled Syre coming out on Nov. 17

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