Josu Mämmi, Helsinki electronica artist, releases EP, 'Planning The Sale'

Planning The Sale, EP, Art Cover, Josu Mämmi, electronica, review

Helsinki electronica artist Josu Mämmi’s distinct style of music uniquely encompasses gritty synths with stripped down layers of basslines that he goes on to dub as “post-modern club dance music.”

Mämmi is a Bossanova drummer with a flair for electronic music. Born in Turku, Finland, Mämmi currently lives in Helsinki, Finland, spending the past seven years as a professional musician and DJ in Finland.

Mämmi’s latest offering, entitled, Planning The Sale EP, is a contrast between his post-modern style and rhythms heavy basslines.

The EP opens up with the title-track that starts off right from right from the bat with the heavy rhythmic pulse of the bassline paired with the grinding sounds coming from the synths.  A spiraling sound comes from the electronic beats with some funky tones and stellar grooves.

“My Plans Are Sound” produces some raw and stripped down basslines that steadily keep up with the rhythms.  Sparkling and while at the same time grainy synths create a reverberating quality to the electronic beats.

“The Imaginative Faculty” has a post-modern feel to the techno track.  Listeners will be left entranced by the music.  Paved with a dazzling sound and a smooth funky groove, the sparse electronics give light to edgy synthesizers and a steady, rhythmic bassline.

Mämmi’s EP, Planning The Sale, is music that embodies the edgy nightlife scene while holding its own textual context outside of the clubs.

Get lost in Mämmi’s sound, a sonorous effect that dips into a hybrid of house and funk.

Eliciting a sizzling vibe that will hit the pulse of the clubbing scene worldwide, be sure you have a listen today!


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