Les Techno highlights punk attitude with political commentary on single, "Where Were You?"

"Where Were You?" Art Cover, Les Techno

Ignoring the advice of a reputable A&R man (“You know, genre mixing in this business is dangerous.”), New York City-based rocker Les Techno continues to make his brand of genre-bending music that has reached new heights.  After the release of his EP, Whatever Happened To Les Techno, which received critical online acclaim earlier this year, Les Techno is following up with his new single, “Where Were You?” which continues on with Les Techno chameleon-like repertoire with his enticement for political commentary and themes of dissident.

Inspired by the deadly civil unrest during the 'Unite the Right' rally in Charlottesville, Virginia where neo-nazis came together to protest the removal of statues of Confederate leaders, “Where Were You?” takes the stage with biting lyrics to voice the concerns of a nation.

The track starts off with howling and radio-active guitar riffs sounding off as Les Techno’s gritty vocals add a certain punk attitude to the over-arching sound.  The socially conscious track contains an epic bassline that adds a distinct rhythmic pulse to the track as Les Techno’s unearthly growls give a heathen-like reproach to all the imagery spewed from the events that had transpired from the Charlottesville-incident.  Guitars snarling off in the refrain give life to the subversive lyrics that the artist spits out.

Recommended for fans of Nick Cave and Cage the Elephant, Les Techno’s “Where Are You?” dives right into the political maelstrom and rips apart all preconceived notions with his subversive commentary.  Biting as well as edgy, Les Techno’s sound is filled with the punk spirit: daring and fearless.

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