Lucy Hale releases Christmas single, "You're Here"

Now that Pretty Little Liars has ended, Lucy Hale is staying busy filming her new CW series, Life Sentence in Vancouver. She’s also making music again.

Hale released Christmas single, “You’re Here” this past Friday on iTunes and Spotify.

While “You’re Here” is similar to previous tracks from Hale, in that it is drawn from country influences, the song is markedly different than anything she’s ever done. “You’re Here” is Hale’s first venture into the Christian genre, and lyrically, is one of her strongest tracks to date.

She sings, “You made the world before I was born/But here I am holding you in my arms tonight[…]You’re here/I’m holding you so near.”

Utilizing a perfect harmony between strings and vocals, “You’re Here” is a stand-out track, showcasing Hale's growth as an artist.

Hale has yet to announce if she plans on releasing any additional songs this year. In the meantime, fans can catch her in episodes of Life Sentence, which is set to premiere sometime in 2018.


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