Millennials and charitable donations for Giving Tuesday

What would millennials know about donating to charity?  This group of people is often classified as lazy, selfish and entitled, but apparently, this population has a big heart when it comes to charitable giving.

Well, according to a new survey from, millennials are the generation most likely to do background research on charities before donating. Who knew?

Apparently, many people did.  And the donations from millennials help millions of people.

As it is Giving Tuesday, now is the perfect time to think about helping others. But with all of the charities out there, how do you choose? was created by the Better Business Bureau to rank charities with 20 markers in place to help determine the validity of a charity.  As this is the time of year where people are opening their hearts and wallets, it might be a good idea to do a little research before sending an organization your hard-earned money.

Art Taylor, President and CEO BBB’s spoke with Michelle Tompkins for about the survey, what millennials are doing right when it comes to donating and promoting helping others to their children, why it is important to look up a charity before donating, what are some things people can do to be sure that a charity is worth their donation, what are some warning signs to look for in possibly less-than-reputable charities and more helpful tips to consider during this giving season.

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