PewDiePie releasing new headphone line with Razer despite controversy


It’s only been about two months since Felix Kjellberg — better known as PewDiePie to the online community — dropped the n-word while recording a live stream, but the YouTuber is still moving forward with releasing a series of branded related items. The latest of which is a pair of headphones, made alongside lifestyle gaming brand Razer.

The headphones, which can be seen in this announcement video, feature “bro fists” (Kjellberg’s personal brand) over each year. They come in an electric magenta shade, according to TubeFilter.

“Seven years ago, before I started making videos, I needed to get a microphone,” Kjellberg says in the video. “So I spent some of my last money, went out and bought the Razer Carcharias. And I used them in a ton of my videos — you’ve seen it. Now, seven years later, I have my very own Razer headphones. Designed by me!”

The video also features Kjellberg testing out the headphones for his viewers by putting them on his pug, Edgar.

This isn’t the only PewDiePie merchandise available either — Kjellberg has put anything from fidget spinners, video games and self-written novels up for sale in the past.

PewDiePie’s channel took some hits following the September incident, as well as when a Wall Street Journal article described Kjellberg as being anti-semitic was posted in February. Yet, despite that controversy — which resulted in him losing his YouTube Red series — PewDiePie’s channel remains the most-subscribed on YouTube, as he’s closing in on 58 million subscribers.

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Kjellberg later apologized for the racial incident in a video. “I’m disappointed in myself because it seems like I’ve learned nothing from all these past controversies,” he said.

However, while he still has plenty of followers, many haven’t — perhaps appropriately so — forgiven Kjellberg for his misdoings.

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