R&B artist Aries Marquis imbues a whole lot of soul with inspiring and heartfelt lyrics on album release, 'Salvation: The Arrival'

'Salvation: The Arrival' Art Cover, Aries Marquis

After the success of his album, Imperfections, R&B artist Aries Marquis is returning to the scene with his follow-up album, Salvation: The Arrival, the first part to an album trilogy that the singer-songwriter will be working on.  In the same vein as Imperfections, Salvation: The Arrival will follow the artist on his life journeys, depicting true events and life experiences.  Geared toward a more positive note than Imperfections that delved into the R&B singer’s flaws and raw experiences, the new album portrays Marquis’ current life status, filled with optimistic and hopeful messages.

The album opens up with “The Arrival,” a track filled with ambient synths and a piano melody tracing the track.  Announcing the arrival of the album, the vocals are executed in a dynamic spoken word performance with atmospheric electronic beats readily sonically enhancing the piece.

“Ready To Fly” is a soaring track filled with sizzling beats and an ethereal and airiness to the R&B song.  An inspirational track with an uplifting message, a piano harmony sounds off mid-track with warm vocals and ambient guitars paving the song.

On “Lessons,” the track attempts to define ‘love’ and the lessons love can teach us.  An upbeat, bluesy vibe fits into this R&B and hip hop grooves with a soaring and soulful cadence.  The distinct sound and great jamming vibe gives off an invigorating feel to the upbeat cadence.

“Better Days” is filled with the harmonious playing of the piano adding to the soulful quality to the invigorating R&B tunes.  This is an inspiring track containing upbeat piano melodies joined by a background choral and some drums.  The combined vocal harmonies produce a dynamic sound as energized piano tunes and enthused vocals from Marquis give off a timeless vibe.

“No Light” is a taut R&B track that definitely has some old school qualities with a neo-soul vibe that harkens to some 90s era R&B.  The sultry sound evident on this track follows through with an upbeat electronic vibe and decadent beats.  Overall, an inspirational track filled with uplifting sounds and a soulful vibe, the distinct technological flairs on this track is prompted by some electric auto-tuned elements incorporated on the vocals.

“It’s Time” is a short interlude with the sounds of an energized crowd cheering towards the beginning of this track.  This sounds like the intro to a live recording in front of a stadium-sized audience and listening to this live session will get you pumped up about whatever’s going to happen next.

“Salvation” stars off with blazing synths that rock out on this track.  Blaring electronic beats and s soaring cadence pave the way for a carefree vibe and spirited cadence on the buoyant sounds that are readily implemented on this song.

“For Life” has a catchy sound to this bluesy and soulful release.  An arresting, upbeat and energized vibe is evident from the ethereal beats and atmospheric synths.  With a soaring vibe to the vocals, the track, which is about the give and take of a relationship is reinforced further on by Marquis’ innovative and dynamic rap delivery.

“Portrait” is ill-contained with reverberating synths that gives off an echo-y approach to the dramatic music.  Paved with urgency, the pressing R&B track gives off a classic and old school vibe that harkens to some 90’s R&B fare.  The track is further layered by resounding vocals, intricate electronic beats, and lush strings, giving this lively production an energized and passionate feel.

With a carnival-esque feel to the album closer, “Wanna Be Free,” the electric electronic beats give off a free-spirited appeal to the heartfelt and inspiring lyrics.  An uplifting track filled with a positive message, the triumphant song encourages listeners with its themes of vibrancy and victory.

Aries Marquis’ latest album, Salvation: The Arrival is visionary music, dressed in a sleek posterior.  His passion really shines through while really bringing alive the R&B, hip-hop, pop genres with a top-notch soulful quality.  Highlighting the dynamic R&B singer’s fresh and soaring vocals, be renewed and buoyed by the gorgeous sounds on Salvation: The Arrival, a recording that is simmering with passionate, heartfelt lyrics and warm vocalizations.

Marquis really breathes life into this polished production that imbues an eclectic sound with personal storytelling and electric beats.

Those who seek salvation in music, Salvation: The Arrival will act as a balm to those who crave good music’s healing components.

The album is due to be out on Dec. 1st.

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