Roman Atwood highlights charity work in Youtube Red's 'Day Dreams' trailer

Roman Atwood's Day Dreams

Roman Atwood — a popular YouTuber known for his pranks and outrageous stunts — can now be seen in a new YouTube Red series entitled Roman Atwood’s Day Dreams. The first trailer has been released, promising to be a warm, family-friendly show.

The point of the show, this time, isn’t to trick people for laughs (although with Roman Atwood involved, there will probably still be some of that, all in good fun). Atwood is using his fame to give back, hoping to help make a difference by granting wishes for children who are less fortunate — such as the handicapped, sick or orphaned.

Each episode of Roman Atwood’s Day Dreams will show Atwood and his team of volunteers surprising the children, and then work to grant whatever wish they could be. This could be anything from taking them to a NASCAR race (as seen in the trailer) to building a dream-like playground in their backyard and doing backflips and the like off of it.

Roman Atwood's Day Dreams
Credit: YouTube

“This was an opportunity for me to do something different in partnership with YouTube Red and to focus on doing great things for some amazing people,” Atwood said in a statement via Variety.

Atwood, whose channel has over 13.7 million subscribers, is primarily recognized for his over-the-top practical jokes, having been criticized for going too far in the past. However, he appears to be totally re-inventing himself in Day Dreams, adopting the catchphrase “Smile More” (seen on multiple t-shirts in the trailer).

Credit: YouTube

The show is being executive produced by Atwood and John Fitzpatrick. Studio 71 is also involved with the project, as are all of Atwood’s YouTube channels.

Roman Atwood’s Day Dreams will be available for streaming on YouTube Red on Nov. 22. The platform costs only $9.99 a month for subscription and offers several other shows, along with ad-free streaming and music to boot.

Watch the trailer for Roman Atwood’s Day Dreams here, and let us know in the comments below if you’re going to watch the show with your family this Thanksgiving holiday.

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