'Stranger Things' kids perform Motown Medley with James Corden, and it's perfect

Caleb McLaughlin can sing, y'all

James Corden introduced us to his former band — The Upside Downs — during The Late Late Show on Nov. 8, a group composed of him and the young cast from Stranger Things.

The segment began with mockumentary footage saying that before Finn Wolfhard, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin and Noah Schnapp were all cast for Stranger Things, they were formally all in a band together with James Corden while in school.

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Why was James Corden, a 39-year-old adult, in school with a bunch of youngsters you ask? “Some people thought it was weird that James hung out with us because he’s an adult,” Wolfhard answers in the video. “But we actually went to school with him. You know, he was held back a couple of years, but we were in the same grade.”

The group disbanded when they all landed their Stranger Things roles, except for Corden who auditioned for Millie Bobby Brown’s part.

However, for one night only, The Upside Downs have returned on stage to perform a live rendition of Motown Medley.

Taking on such hits as “I’ll Be There” from Four Tops, “My Girl” from The Temptations and “I Want You Back” from The Jackson 5 — all while wearing matching burgundy suits to boot — the five make a charming pair to say the least.

Corden may now be stuck behind a desk having to wear a suit, but it’s hard to deny the synergy seen from The Upside Downs in the video. “That band was still the most creatively fulfilling thing I’ve ever been a part of,” says McLaughlin in the video.

Watch the full thing here and let us know what you think of The Upside Downs in the comments below.

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