'Supergirl' Damage: Recap

In this episode of Supergirl, when multiple children get sick from lead poisoning Lena Luthor is getting all the blame. Although Lena knows she never intended any harm, Edge takes to the media to blame her for the lead bomb she used to deal with the Daxamites.

During a press conference where Lena is announcing she’s stepping down from both CatCo and L Corp while an investigation takes place, an aggrieved parent shoots at her. Kara catches one bullet, while James pushes Lena to safety and takes the shot in the shoulder.

Lena takes the news and beats herself up while Kara and Samantha work to find out what’s going on. Together they find a connection between the sick kids involving a swimming pool and a chemical in the water that mimics lead and lead poisoning.

Kara tells Lena who recognizes the company behind it as belonging to Edge. She goes to his office with a gun, planning on killing him. She gets knocked out, put on a plane full of that same chemical and is going to drop it in the city water. She stops the chemicals from dropping and Supergirl saves her — but Edge has isolated himself from any connection.

Photo by: The CW

Meanwhile, Maggie and Alex have come to the decision that they can’t be together because Alex wants kids and Maggie doesn’t. Neither of them are willing to change on this and they decide to go their separate ways, but not before a round of break-up sex.

Later Samantha realizes she was hit by a bullet during the press conference shootout, but it did nothing. She’s bulletproof. What's that about?

The next episode gives us a look into Kara and Alex's childhood as they go home to recoup. Check out the promo here:

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