Top 10 shows or movies coming to Netflix in December that you must watch

Ahh, December. The time when everything gets a little bit colder and the snow (depending on where you live) starts falling from the skies — leaving us inspired to stay at home, not leave the couch and binge-watch some television.

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Luckily, Netflix has us covered on that end, as they always have a wide variety of things to watch. Last month, the highly anticipated Punisher series finally arrived (and totally lived up to the hype), along with Jeff Daniel’s Godless and a couple of other quality films like Oculus and Field of Dreams.

Now, we’re turning our eyes to what we can watch in December. As always, they have an assortment of new television shows and films — both standard feature films and some Netflix originals — for us to sit back, drink our hot chocolate and enjoy.

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