'This Is Us' executive producer discusses triplets' breakdowns and upcoming trilogy

This Is Us likes to end each episode with some sort of surprise.  Sometimes these surprises are good, and as last night’s episode showed, sometimes they can be devastating.  Each of the triplets will have their own part in a trilogy in the next few weeks.  The first was “Number One” that aired on NBC on Nov. 14.

Every character has been shown having some personal highs and lows on the show, but the triplets Kevin, Kate and Randall have all had some sort of emotional breakdown.

Executive producer Isaac Aptaker spoke with Entertainment Weekly about some of the journeys the characters have gone on and what’s next for them.

The first to flip out was Kate, who had a lot of pent-up issues relating to her dad’s death.  Most of those issues still haven’t been brought to life yet and after “Number One” it is likely that next week will have another much deserved emotional moment or two.

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Randall’s propensity to have a mental breakdown was foreshadowed early in the first season when Beth told William about her “perfect” husband and how stress really got to him a few years earlier.  Thank goodness he had Kevin around to help pull him back during his second major breakdown.

However, Kevin, who is actually the neediest and codependent on the others is having a tough year.  His love life is in shambles—all his own doing.  His career isn’t on solid ground—all his own doing.  He is becoming addicted to pain pills—also all his own doing.  It was about time for him to have a moment too.

Kevin’s injury happened and while Jack was there to comfort him, we know that Jack didn’t live long enough to see what else was in store for first-born son, Kevin. He had his moment on the football field last night.

This Is Us airs on Tuesdays on NBC.

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