'This Is Us' top 10 reasons why Toby and Kate need premarital counseling [SPOILER ALERT]

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7. They don’t always bring out the best in each other.

Now, one thing that bonds people together is assassinating the characters of other people—a shared enemy can be a very good thing. Toby first came on the scene as the funny guy from a fat group, but he led Kate to become quite nasty to Madison the pretty, slim girl who is in the group. Maybe they thought that Madison was at the meeting to feel better about herself at the expense of everyone else? It has been discovered that she wasn’t. She has body and relationship issues too and having the team of lovebirds who feel free to make fun of her at group therapy isn’t cool.

The way Madison reacted to Kate’s pregnancy was surprising and lovely. Perhaps now Toby and Kate will be more considerate of the feelings of other people before they speak out? At least in public settings. And maybe, Kate will have a friend.

Note:  Isn't it odd that we haven't seen any of the Pearson kids have lasting friendships with anyone that isn't a romantic relationship?  Jack had Miguel, but no one else seems to have anyone outside of romance or family?  Perhaps a topic for another time...

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