You won't recognize Jake Paul after he transformed himself into a grandma

Jake Paul

Youtube star Jake Paul transformed himself into a grandma for an upcoming project, becoming totally unrecognizable in the process.

Jake went through the long process for a music video, entitled “Litmas,” that will be released around Christmas time. He decided to go all out and have a team of makeup artists help turn him into an elderly woman in as realistic of a way as possible.

“I’m a little bit nervous,” Jake says in the video prior to undergoing his alteration. “[…] I’m ready to be a grandma. I need to start practicing to be a grandma too, hold on. [Cue a voice mimicking the “Chocolates!” lady from Sponge Bob] I remember when they first invented chocolate!”

Jake Paul
Credit: YouTube

The whole process took about three hours and involved a multitude of different facial procedures that Jake was no doubt unfamiliar with. “I look like I’m in that movie Grease!” Jake said in the video after having his hair slicked back.

The results were, well, uncanny to say the least. He certainly looks like a grandma and all, just to a somewhat frightening degree.

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It worked so well, in fact, that his fellow Team 10 members could barely recognize him after the transformation when he made his reveal. He went around introducing himself as Grandma Paul, messing with and fooling people all the while.

The video also features a preview of the upcoming “Litmas” music video. The production is being shot on 35-millimeter film (yes, actually) and features several large set pieces. “It is a really expensive music video,” Jake admits. “Like probably spent way too much money on this.”

Watch the full video of Jake's Grandma transformation here, be on the look-out of the “Litmas” music video, and let us know in the comments below whether you can recognize Jake underneath all that makeup.

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