Alejandra Ramos offers party tips and new twist on Chex Mix

Chex Party Mix

Alejandra Ramos, noted lifestyle blogger, loves planning parties.  She knows how to make everything beautiful and simplify things so a hostess can plan ahead so she can spend her time with her guests rather than in the kitchen.

Ramos is known for supplying expert tips on all things food and party planning.  She has helpful suggestions that will make life easier on both the host and the guests.  Party planning has always interested her.  After graduating from George Washington University in Washington, DC, she went on to receive her certificate in professional culinary arts at Apicius International School of Hospitality in Florence, Italy.

She merged her love of party planning with her love of food and had some great advice for everyone who is planning on entertaining over the holidays.

Something that just about everyone likes is Chex Mix.  No, not necessarily the ones you can impulse buy, though those are good too, but the kind that you assemble and bake yourself.  It is a really simple recipe and the coolest thing is that you can tailor it to your own tastes and preferences to make it even better.

There are more than a dozen official recipes, but the sky’s the limit with possibilities for festive flavor combinations.

Alejandra Ramos, the founder of the lifestyle blog, spoke with Michelle Tompkins for about her background, gave five tips to making a party spectacular, showed us how to make Chex Party mix and how to personalize it, how using online shopping services like using an online shopping service like Kroger’s Clicklist to save time and more.


Alejandra Ramos can be found here and Chex Mix recipes here.

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