Be stunned by this compilation of duets by WeatheredMan, entitled, 'C-30 Duets, Vol. 1'

C-30 Duets, Vol. 1, Album Cover, WeatheredMan, Aaron Paul, Danni Roundtree, Trisha McTeague, LeeSun, Kim Jennett, Roja

WeatheredMan is a project with Simon Bradshaw at the helm who also heads the modern mariachi legends Roja.

WeatheredMan is a collaborative project with the newest EP, C-30 Duets, Vol. 1, incorporating the duets of boy band icon Aaron Paul, jazz/R&B soul sensation Danni Roundtree, dance music artist Trisha McTeague, indie songstress LeeSun, and rock legend Kim Jennett.

The EP opens with “Hand In My Pocket (+Aaron Paul)” that starts out with a majestic bang.  Loud guitars jazz up the invigorating track filled with high energy at full anthem.  Groovy overtones also trace the track with its high-intensity drums and big rocking style.  A galactic electric guitar is unleashed in the track and the combined vocals of Bradshaw and Paul really give off a thriving big thrust and pull to this classic rock ‘n’ roll fare.

On “Too Much To Say I Love You (+Danni Roundtree),” the striking fare really has a great Motown vibe that harkens to some old school renditions depicting a sound straight out of the 50’s-60’s.  The stellar cadences coming from the horns really give off a jazzy flair and in addition to Roundtree’s vocals adds a distinction of electricity.  Towards the end of the track, there is an epic electric guitar solo.

“Salty Dish (+LeeSun)” has some big trumpets sounding off toward the beginning of the track that accompanies some rocking sounds from the guitar.  Bradshaw’s vocals come across as grainy with a bit of reverb.  LeeSun’s husky vocals fill the track with a sultry vibe.  A blend of rock and jazz overtures, trumpets and the bare bones of upbeat tunes give off an energized gleam to the song.

On the next track, “Party (+Kim Jennett)” the combined vocals of Jennett and Bradshaw give off a hearty and energized feel to the great rocking track.  There is a busy sound to this upbeat party rock anthem.  Its marching beat incorporates snarling guitar licks and reverb-drenched vocals in this haunting and dark track.

On “Rock Karaoke (+Trisha McTeague),” McTeague sings in a whispery voice.  In this expectant and hushed sensibility, Bradshaw’s sandpapery rough vocals come as a surprise.  In this startling sense, radio-active guitars and harmonic dark layers add to this great rock groove.

Bradshaw really showcases his expansive musical palette by collaborating with a star-studded cast of pop stars and rock stars.

A departure from the spanking interworking of his modern mariachi-inspired band Roja, Bradshaw undertakes a whole new musical direction with a distinction toward enlisting the help of such seasoned and soulful artists.

These soundscapes will really pull you in with its arresting and sweeping landscapes as well as equally compelling collaborative efforts done with artists from all across the board.  Be stunned by this eclectic and electric release filled with passionate and enthused performances.

Backed by Simon Bradshaw (guitar, vocals), Robert Hough (drums), Aidan McFall (bass), Jack Chandler (sax), and Jon Scully (trumpet) as well as enlisting the vocals of Aaron Paul, Danni Roundtree, Trisha McTeague, LeeSun, and Kim Jennett, the project is able to take on the musical pulse that thrives under Bradshaw’s fruitful bearings.

These are dynamic rock tracks with flourishes into jazz, alt-pop/rock, and blues.  The 5-song compilation dips into soaring duets done with delectable finesse and style.

Be sure you have a listen to this dynamic soundtrack today!

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