Bed of Nails acupuncture items perfect gift for sore or tired people

Bed of Nails is an innovative set of products that use acupressure to increase the body’s production of Serotonin and promote circulation and relaxation.  It might just be the perfect gift to give someone who complains about pain or being tired.

It might seem strange at first.  Even the name is reminiscent of carnival performances of a man lying on a bed of nails with something happening to him like being stepped on by an elephant or having someone using a sledgehammer on them to break some concrete to scare and delight an audience.  However, the concept of pressure points is an important and verifiable alternative medicine that has many practical benefits.

These products are well-made pillows and mats that use rounded nails against the skin to release endorphins which are considered to be the body’s natural “happiness drug.” You lay on them or lean on them depending on how much pressure you want to experience.  While some swear by using direct skin contact to Bed of Nails items, many find it to be too intense, at least in the beginning and recommend putting a cloth or wearing light clothing when trying out these items.

These can be used at home or at work.  And while there is a bit of a learning curve related to how much pressure works for you and how to make it most comfortable, giving it a few weeks of regular use does produce amazing benefits.

Wellness experts say that acupressure is helpful for a variety of conditions.  So using these Bed of Nails  products for a prolonged period of time could help with many conditions including: improve circulation, increase energy level, reduce blood pressure, reduce stress and anxiety, alleviate headache, relieve tension and muscle aches, improve sleep and relieve insomnia, relieve chronic neck and back pain, benefit weight loss by reducing cortisol levels and more.

These items also have been shown to reduce the appearance of cellulite as the discs can help break down the fat groupings that cause the plumpish display of cellulite.

It comes with three different signature product options and three colors:  pink, green and black. There are the BON pillow, BON mat and BON strap.  The company also has aromatherapy candles and other health and wellness items.  The pillow and mat combination sells for $99 and is the best deal.  It is also the most versatile option as the mat might be better for home use, but the pillow is fantastic for work.

Give yourself or a loved one the gift of feeling better by trying out a Bed of Nails product.  Remember, to give it some time as does feel strange at first, but the benefits do come about after a week or so.

Bed of Nails can be found here.

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