Bring holiday cheer with Christmas Hearts Club Band's, 'Merry Christmas Everyone'

Merry Christmas Everyone, Single. Christmas Hearts Club Band

Christmas Hearts Club Band is a one-off side project/collaboration of session musicians with Manchester-based indie artist/ singer-songwriter/busker Lost Nomad spearheading the project.

With two albums under his belt, Diego Guzman is ready to take the world by storm with his repertoire of material.  Having accessed the scene since 2014, Guzman has been making a living entertaining people from Deansgate area of Manchester, performing both covers and original songs.

With this timely release, Christmas Hearts Club Band brings to you their new single, “Merry Christmas Everyone,” perfect for this time of the year.

The music video opens up with the band performing onstage in a small theater.  The single has a retro vibe to the overall rocking Christmas song.  With an over-arching priceless and classic appeal to the track, this is something great to celebrate and tune into this holiday season with.  Seething with a joyous vibe and Yuletide cheer, the great sound of the band jamming together is a coalescing of combined vocal harmonies, united guitar melodies, lush strings, steady rhythms on the drums, and inviting and energetic percussions.  The single ends with a big bang with a spanking organ rendition in the finish.

This holiday season is revved up by the Christmas Hearts Club Band’s latest single, “Merry Christmas Everyone.”  With its big choruses and happening rock vibe, “Merry Christmas Everyone” is sure to become a Christmas classic.

Be sure you have a listen today!

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