Coinstar survey reveals how much we really spend for Christmas gifts

Christmas Presents

Coinstar just got the results back from a survey that said most gift givers plan to spend between $100-400 on presents for family and friends this year.

The survey, which was given to 2,000 adults also asked if they would give a lump of coal to someone on their holiday shopping list and a whopping 68 percent said they would.  Of course, family members were the highest ranking on the naughty list, followed by a boss, coworker or neighbor.

The survey also provided insights on spending habits during the winter holidays. A budget will be a factor for many shoppers this year. Nearly half (45%) of holiday gift-givers will spend between $100 and $400 on holiday gift purchases.

The survey also shed light on what gifts are popular with millennials and which gifts are most often re-gifted.

Coinstar, a leader in coin counting commissioned this study.  As most people have a lot of change lying around the house, now may be the time to pull it all together and do something with it.  Perhaps there is change enough in your sofa to have enough to get a special gift for someone on your list?

Justine Santaniello, lifestyle and trends expert and founder and creative director of spoke to Michelle Tompkins for about the survey, offered tips to sticking to your holiday budget, how loose change may come in handy over the holidays and how Coinstar can help.

Coinstar can help you turn spare change into cash.  Check it out here.

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